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Mismanagement of California taxpayer dollars continues unabated as budget deficit tops $20 billion and exodus of businesses accelerates

April 19, 2023

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Foundation has issued its annual edition of the Follow the Money report detailing examples of government waste, fraud, and abuse in the past year that total in the billions. 

Examples include estimates of EDD fraud that have ballooned to $33 billion, new estimates for the state’s high-speed rail plan that now top $100 billion (and could still double), as well as numerous examples of officials mismanaging billions in taxpayer dollars.

“California taxpayers pay some of the nation’s highest taxes and politicians continually demand more money while failing to deliver the results they promise,” said Jon Coupal, Chairman of HJTF. “Taxpayers must demand better, or tax-paying residents and businesses will continue to flee the state.”

The Follow the Money report can be found at this link: 

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