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June 15, 2024

Just a few of the New California laws that go into effect on July 1st

Keep Students in School

SB 274 addresses public school responses to students considered to be deemed to be in “willful defiance.” The law will ban the suspension or expulsion of those students. Instead, it will require school officials to implement intervention programs and other support for students who are deemed as disrupting school activities or willfully defying the authority of school personnel. 

The law will also require school officials to document the actions taken within five days of the incident.

Firearms Tax

AB 28 will impose an 11% excise tax on the sale on firearms, firearms precursor parts, and ammunition. The revenue from the tax will go into the “Gun Violence Prevention and School Safety Fund.” 

The tax will fund programs for gun violence prevention, education, research and response.

Security Deposit

With housing costs in California, and especially the Bay Area, historically among the highest in the nation, AB 12 will cap a residential renter’s security deposit at one month’s rent, regardless of whether the property is furnished or not.

Under the law, a landlord who owns no more than two residential rental properties that collectively include no more than four dwelling units can collect up to two months’ rent as a security deposit. 

From Apartment Owners Association:

Destructive State Bills That Must Be Stopped!

Several EXTREMELY HARMFUL proposed State Bills were able to make it out of Committees and are NOW up for “floor review” in their house of origin (Senate or Assembly). We need all members to call the state representatives in the districts where you own property and tell them to VOTE NO on the following destructive proposed bills:

1. Assembly Bill 2216 (Required Acceptance of Pets) – This bill will prohibit a rental housing provider from asking a rental applicant if they will have a pet living with them in the rental unit. The proposed bill does not allow rental housing providers to charge pet deposits or fees to offset and recover potential damages caused by pets.

2. Assembly Bill 2347 (Extended Time for Tenant to Respond to Eviction Complaint) – This bill will extend the time a defendant in an unlawful detainer (eviction) lawsuit has to respond from 5 court days to 10 court days (excludes court holidays and weekends) after the complaint is served on the defendant.
3. Assembly Bill 2493 (Restrictions on Charging Applicant Screening Fees) – This bill will prohibit charging applicant screening fees unless a housing provider permits the use of a “reusable screening platform”* or when a housing provider knows or should have known no unit is available for rent. The bill also requires that housing providers deliver to each applicant a copy of their screening report within 7 days. Lastly, the bill requires that housing providers select from the pool of qualified applicants meeting their screening criteria in the order received – in other words, property owners will be required to select the “first” applicant meeting their rental criteria, and not the “best” overall applicant. *A “reusable screening platform” means a service that allows an applicant to pay one fee that entitles the applicant to submit 10 or more credit history and criminal background reports with rental applications.) 
4. Assembly Constitutional Amendment 10 – This bill would amend California’s Constitution and require that the state recognizes the fundamental human right to adequate housing for everyone in California. The measure would obligate state and local jurisdictions to respect, protect, and fulfill this right, by all appropriate means, including through expanded tenant protections and lower “rent caps”, free legal representation for tenants, and similar anti-landlord rights measures.

5. Senate Bill 1201 (Disclosure Requirement for Beneficial Owners of Corporations) – This bill will require that any beneficial owner”** of more than 10% of a corporate entity provide an annual statement containing their names and complete business or residence addresses under penalty of perjury.
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