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By Donna Westfall


OF THE SWAT-style raid on Dave Egan August 18, 2011

BlackHawk Pistol
BlackHawk Pistol

To the viewers of this video.

Before watching this video, please read and be aware of the following:

Per Del Norte County Auditor/Controller, Clinton Schaad, $13,821.28 has been spent on 43 cameras for the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Department since 2010.[cincopa AIKASJtT1iuQ]

It is our conclusion that this video is highly edited, of extremely poor quality, most of the footage deleted and the majority of the civil rights violations and atrocities committed against Dave Egan, a county resident, on August 18, 2011 are missing.

Detective Bob Barber, formerly of the Del Norte Sheriff’s department, was responsible for obtaining a warrant based on bogus information supposedly to find a stolen BlackHawk Pistol worth about $350. He and his fellow deputies wore cameras, but may have switched them off which could explain why this video is only 1 minute and 20 seconds when they were at Egan’s house for nearly 7 hours. Or, someone at the County level decided that the public has no right to view the footage contained in the video’s.

As you watch, notice the date and time stamp on the bottom right hand corner.  The seconds have been eliminated from the time.  The time starts at 15.45 and goes to 15.46 and then stops. That translates to 3:45 in the afternoon.  Dave says, “About 20 officers arrived at my home, bashed in my door, drew weapons on me around 8:30 or 9 in the morning and they were there for hours.”

While you have watched comparable video’s on TV or on the internet and may have become immune to the cruelty and civil rights violations that occur every day in our country by law enforcement, this video is specifically about one of our own, a local that has lived here for nearly 2 decades.

As a resident, you can request information from the Sheriff’s Department under the California Public Records Act (Government Code Section 6250 et seq.) and the California Constitution, as amended by passage of Proposition 59 on November 2, 2004 for the names of all of the officers that participated in the raid. You can help stop the stealing, illegal acts and civil rights violations of those still getting paid to “protect us” by notifying the following:

  • Sheriff Apperson. Tell him that you don’t want your tax dollars spent to support those specific officers anymore.  Sheriff Apperson’s telephone # is 707 464 4191.   His email address is:
  • DA Dale Trigg at telephone # 707 464 7210.  His email address is: Tell him that you think those officers should be prosecuted for theft tantamount to armed robbery, and civil rights violations including Bob Barber who abruptly left the state when Apperson was elected.
  • Your County Supervisor’s need to know:  Cal (707) 464 7204 or email at:
  •      District 1:  Roger Gitlin –
  •      District 2: Martha McClure –
  •      District 3: Chris Howard –
  •      District 4: Gerry Hemmingsen:
  •      District 5: Davis Finigan:



8 thoughts on “BlackHawk Pistol Story – Part 7 – Watch the Video”
  1. McManus is the worse officer on the sheriff office!. He is CORRUPTION gone bad. Why is he not locked up? Why is the sheriff so clueless? He stole Frank Benjamin guns from the property room? Raided his home too many times. He needs to get an investigation going on him!!

  2. Mr.McManis should of been let go or fired years ago . He is the worst officer on the force! In 2010 he was up at the grave yard in Crescent cCity . Mr McManis was showing no respect for the family who had their loved ones graves. He was so lazy that he drove over most of the graves. This officer is so much a felon. Stealing guns is his way. Corruption!

  3. For those who think that this story is a bunch of BS, i just want to say that there is overwhelming hard evidence this really happened and that there is in fact attempts to cover up the story from the very moment law enforcement officials knew they screwed up. Luckily, changes have happened at the Sheriff’s department level including the fact we no longer have Wilson as Sheriff who was (and still is legally responsible) for the actions of his officers.

    When a cop draws his gun on an individual even after a person is complying, to me this is a direct threat against one’s life. The overzealousness of certain cops scares the crap out of me as it should anyone else. Luckily, Mr. Egan lives to fight back legally, but not without destroying him emotionally and financially. I support Dave Egan and his fight to bring justice to the “untouchables”.

    1. I also want to add that this video doesn’t show everything, but does provide some good evidence in Mr. Egan’s favor, including the sometimes overlooked fact that the very existence of this video proves beyond any doubt that various people in our government lied about this video even existing in the first place.

  4. What is interesting is one of the officers stated on the film, “I hear him coming,” but, then instead of allowing Egan to open the door they counted backwards from 5 and busted through the door.

    At best this was a knock and question procedure. There were no exigent circumstance, no life endangerment issue, nor was Mr. Egan known to be a felon. Clearly, injustice took place and I hope Mr. Egan wins his law suit against Del Norte County Sheriff Department.

    Another interesting observation. One officer standing next to S/O McManis, held his gun like someone you see on a gangster movie. I am sure this is not proper safety protocol in handling an armed weapon in the capacity of an officer. It is probably a good thing that we the public cannot see how badly our peace officers act when they don’t think they are being watched….because, the county would be broke from law suits.

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