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By Linda Sutter – April 26, 2022

The chambers were packed today awaiting to discuss the agenda item number 19 regarding the Hunter Valley Community Services district and the Yurok Tribe over an owned parcel of land by the county who was giving this land as a donation.

Two members of the Yurok Tribe spoke to the Board of Supervisors giving their arguments of why they should receive this county donation. They have $150,000.00 ready to turn that parcel of land into a fabulous park all the while preserving their ancestry.

However, the Hunter Creek district brought in approximately 30 people all which had compelling stories of generations of families who have lived, worked, and kept the land for decades. The Ladybugs are the women in that community who cut the grass, pick up the trash, and conduct the upkeep to make this a family environment of enjoyment.

The Supervisors had the ultimate decision to make. One gentleman who spoke for the Tribe ranted about how they have a constitution that allows them to reclaim their land. There is always someone wanting to make this into a race issue instead of what it is.

After listening to the stories and reminding the Tribe of the baseball field the county gave them, which was never taken care of for years, the Supervisors decided to donate the land to the Hunter Creek Community District. Once that announcement was made these grateful families cried out loud with tears of joy thanking the Board of Supervisors.

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