Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Nominations have been received for Judges, City employees, contractors and sub-contractors on the WWTP (wastewater treatment plant), past 4 council members, current 4 council members, newly elected County Clerk and former City Clerk to name just a few of our first nominations for Dirty Dozen(s).


The surprise is the nomination of Grand Jury (GJ) foremen, John Ging (2009) and Jim Strong (2010). But it doesn’t stop there. Nominations go back to Grand Juries of year 2000 so far. Here’s another group that has no oversight. Former grand jurors on condition of anonymity, have expressed their dissatisfaction with the way our GJ’s are instructed to fulfill their obligations. One former Grand Juror stated that it was shocking to be told their hands in effect were tied.  They were to stop their investigations (on WWTP related complaints).  Another former Grand Juror told of the way it appeared they have an attorney plant and have the foreman direct and slant the investigations.


Just imagine for a moment what our city would be like without these BOB’s in positions of control. Maybe fear would abate.  Maybe business could be conducted on an even playing field.  Maybe the concept of principle over personalities would prevail. Maybe issues would be attacked and resolved instead of individuals attacked and run out of town.


Nominations are still being taken.  Place yours at:





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