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By Donna Westfall – October 23, 2017  – Around 11 am this morning, an email was sent that prompted School Superintendent, Jeff Harris, to call for the evacuation of Del Norte High School.  All students, faculty and staff had to evacuate.  Fire engines arrived on the scene.  Cars parked at the school were not allowed to leave as they had to be checked out.  The school notified parents that transportation for their kids had to be arranged.

Some say a phone call was made, some say an email was sent.  This is unsubstantiated at this time, but the threat was taken seriously. School officials are working with the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office on the investigation.

College of the Redwoods was not evacuated and neither was Bess Maxwell School.

For further updates, go to Del Norte County High School’s Facebook site.

One thought on “Bomb Threat at Del Norte High School”
  1. my question is this, while sitting in Christina’s restaurant a firemen said there was a shooter and the kids were evacuated into the soccer field. is del norte high school covering up/ WAS IT a bomb threat or a shooter???why would the first responder firemen get an alert of a shooter…

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