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By Donna Westfall – May 14, 2016 – LA Times Reporter, Steve Lopez, wrote today’s article, Cover your ears: Coastal Commissioner Martha McClure’s on the phone.”

Not exactly revealing to those in Del Norte County already wise to her many antics, but being on the Coastal Commission puts her in an even bigger spotlight since her decisions affect the entire California coast.

According to Reporter Lopez, he started with this question: Is it true that she has stayed at the Malibu winery villa of a consultant who has represented numerous clients, including David Evans of U2, whose projects are often under review by the commission? Short answer, YES.

Then there’s McCabe.  Who’s McCabe? Susan McCabe is a development consultant. Lopez writes that McCabe has more projects in front of the commissions than any other consultant.  Her domestic partner, Antoinette DeVargas, gave a $500 donation to McClure.  McClure claims she didn’t know their relationship.  She kept the money though and  that donation is now the subject of a state Fair Political Practices Commission investigation.

I thought the title of his article was a little odd until I read the vulgar and profane language McClure repeatedly used on the phone to Reporter Lopez.

Read it in it’s entirety:  LA Times. May 14, 2016.  Reporter, Steve Lopez.  Cover your ears: Coastal Commissioner Martha McClure’s on the phone.”



2 thoughts on “Bombshell dropped on Martha McClure by L.A. Times”
  1. The truth will always prevail! THE REST OF THE CROOKS better take heed! Their turn is around the corner!

  2. wow……….horrible. Had several friends in LA area alert me to Steve Lopez’s article….laughing that I live in Del Norte County and McClure a representative……….Makes me sick…..

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