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By Dan Schultz – July 16, 2022

They are 3/4 Border Collie, 1/8 Blue Healer, 1/8 Australian Shepherd.

Born June 4th. We’ll sell them Sunday at noon, July 17 in Crescent City
at 508 H Street in Crescent City, and again on Sunday July 24th if they are still available.

TEXT Dan at (707) 954-7743. 

One thought on “Border Collie Puppies”
  1. Hi beautiful puppies, please folks just remember this kind of dog needs room to run, training, socialize, no tying by the neck, Ido believe it’s also Illegal, pets are expensive, they deserve the best I just checked to ask how much to clean my dogs teeth r you ready 699.00 to 899.00 so if you buy one of these puppies please take good care of him/her thank you.
    PS Please no more breeding the pound, rescue, places full of pets that need homes, these puppies look special good luck.

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