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Opinion Piece by Linda Sutter – March 27, 2017 –

Tuesday, March 28th  at 10 a.m. they are going to vote to appoint Supervisor Lori Cowan to the Last Chance Grade Stakeholders..this is unacceptable..she is not in our district…Supervisor’s Howard and Hemmingsen are going to appoint her as an alternate to Washington…It is time to come together and make a stand against this nonsense.

Regarding Chairman, Chris Howard’s Last Chance Grade Plan:

Board of Supervisors Chairman, Chris Howard States, “Let’s be clear, the Last Chance Grade can be kept open and safe for years.” To that I say this, when it comes to a road needing to be fixed involving millions of dollars for a road that is connected to a town of only 8 thousand people including the inmate population in Pelican Bay Maximum Security Prison, nothing can be considered safe.  CALTRANS worker, Sebastian Cohen, needs his job and will do what he is told.

Let’s look at past practice of CALTRANS. One example comes to mind. This past year there were three incidents involving serious injury, death and destruction on a particular portion of highway 199. The public cried out to do something about this particular stretch of highway. One private entity placed a sign up warning the public. CALTRANS took the sign down. So tell me again why you think CALTRANS has anyone’s best interest at heart. Yet you have Supervisor Chris Howard in his infinite wisdom and lack of plan touting to trust CALTRANS, trust Senator McGuire and Congressmen Huffman.


Chris Howard wants to go to Washington D.C. and Lori Cowan wants to be an alternate. Why? Don’t they think they should be going to see Congressmen McCarthy down in Bakersfield, California who is second in line to speaker of the House Paul Ryan. Chairman Howard got caught with his pants down at the February 28th meeting when he could not even answer the basic questions 5th District Supervisor, Bob Berkowitz, posed in regards to what Howard’s plan was when he got to Washington D.C.

At the 2017 Economic Summit, Senator McGuire’s speech dashed all our hopes due to more studies to be conducted which would take an additional 5-7 years at a cost of $50-70 million. The same studies that have been conducted for the last 40 years. In the meantime, people and children in our county are literally risking their lives just to drive to work and school every day from Crescent City to Klamath and vice versa.

Chairman Howard, we can have meetings till we are blue in the face and until we all die and our grandchildren listen to the same rhetoric. Until you get your head out of your bottom nothing is going to change.  And if you are going to passively settle with a smile on your face with Caltrans, McGuire, and Huffman, we all lose.

Now tell us again, why are you going to Washington D.C?

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