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Opinion By Branden Bieber – September 3, 2022

Pardon me, but it’s a Bunch Of SH#T (B.O.S.) what’s happening in Del Norte County, and to our

We can blame our local Board of Supervisors (BOS) for the County’s lack of economic opportunities,
deficient infrastructure, increased transients, real-estate shortages, and the reckless funneling of funds
from the Federal and State printing coffers.

While Del Norte County Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) published the strictest Covid
propaganda ordinances in the United States, our roads continue to be neglected, and our Law
Enforcement Professionals are still undercompensated. The BOS continue to abuse
the consent agenda and direct resources towards the DHHS, and the expansion of State sponsored

The B.O.S. policies have increased DHHS staffing 33%, while all other county departments
have seen less than a 3% staffing increase over the past 10 years. DHHS now employs over 200
employees, and is currently engaged in over 140 contract agreements throughout the State. The proof
of the B.O.S. policies is evident in every vacant commercial building in every block in Del Norte County.

DHHS acknowledges their own inability to relate to its employee’s, and to the public. DHHS considers
patients to be clients. And, instead of wanting to reduce mental illness, their goal is to increase

In a gross display of Government overreach, the B.O.S. objectives look to exponentially grow
Government provided Healthcare, and diagnose the growing number of disadvantaged. In a double
negative, industry is leaving the State and getting replaced with increased Government staffing with
little beneficial outcomes. The consequences of Del Norte County B.O.S. management and exorbitant
DHHS funding should be a warning to the rest of the Nation.

Tolerating, and enabling disadvantaged life circumstances to become clinically diagnosed and medicated by the Government is “DANGEROUS”, and should not be considered typical government business.

Vote for new leadership in November.

Vote to Defund the Government.

Ask your County Supervisor’s for ACTION!

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