Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

By Donna Westfall

Bounce house

Life partners Bob Young and Ava Hilton are opening the newest business in downtown Crescent City and it’s for KIDS! They will be opening Saturday, June 20th at 10:00 am.

Kids 12 and younger are going to have a great time jumping, sliding and bouncing.  For teenagers 13 and older, there are arcade games including ones that even I can play, Ms. Pac Man.

Bob and Ava have operated Bounce-A-Palooza successfully for the past eight years in the Bayshore Mall, Eureka, California, but are no strangers to Crescent City. For the last 100 years, his dad and grandfather lived in Crescent City.  His dad met his wife in London where her family lived for 600 years, and married during World War II.

Currently Bob and Ava live in Eureka with an eye towards settling in Crescent City in the future.

Bounce-A-Palooza employs 10 people mainly high schoolers.  Being a retired teacher Bob says that he has high expectations of his workers.  They have to maintain their grades and go on to college or a trade school.

Bounce-A-Palooza is not a day care or a babysitting service.  Parents are not allowed in the bounce houses unless they accompany their child 5 years old or younger or their  special needs child.  Bob says, “These inflatable bounce houses are excellent for building cognitive and social development.”

Bob and Ava stressed that this is a very safe environment for your children.  They have multiple cameras throughout, ADA compliant bathrooms and everything is cleaned nightly.

Special thanks go to Mary and Dean Wilson.  Six years ago, the Wilson’s went to visit Bob and Ava in Eureka and encouraged them to open a Bounce-A-Palooza in Crescent City. But due to Bob’s reaction to a flu shot, he had to recuperate which took years. However, in February 2015, they were ready to go forward. Everyone in the City cooperated: TAB & Associates, the City, Code Enforcement and the Fire Department.  In four short months they got the green light to open.

We extend our hearty welcome and congradulations to Bob and Ava and wish them much success.

For more information on booking birthday parties or special events go to their website:





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