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By Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – August 12, 2022

In light of the CDC’s updated COVID guidance, I’m calling on every California school district that still has a mask mandate to end it immediately.

By the CDC’s own terms, there is also zero justification for any school or college to exclude or segregate based on vaccination status. This retrograde era of discrimination must end.

Specifically, the new guidelines “no longer differentiate based on a person’s vaccination status” and also recognize natural immunity. It’s taken years, but the agency has finally bowed to reality.

This comes as the OC Board of Education’s lawsuit to end the State of Emergency is moving forward with new co-plaintiffs, including Rocklin Unified. Yesterday the Judge said: “I don’t know what science the Governor is relying on. Maybe we will find that out in this case.”

Meanwhile, it’s been less than a week since my “Warning to the Nation” speech at CPAC, and the Sacramento Bee has had an absolute conniption, publishing five separate items about the speech. It appears we are over the target.

The Bee’s headlines include: “Kevin Kiley says California sucks. How about we rent him a U-Haul so he can move to Texas?” and “California carnage: Why does Assemblyman Kevin Kiley hate his own state?”
In truth, our movement is one of citizens who love this state and country. What we hate is that they’re being ruined by corrupt politicians. And what our opponents can’t stand is that we’re fighting – and winning.

Help me fight back against the attacks
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