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By Roger Gitlin – EYE ON DEL NORTE – October 5, 2021

The Crescent City Council came alive at Monday’s Council meeting. Councilors Beau Smith , Ray Altman , Isaiah Wright, Blake Inscore and Mayor Jason Greenough fought through shaky knees and murky thinking to ALL agree, the City does not want Sacramento dictating Covid 19 mandates. BRAVO!

Del Norte Public Health Officer Aaron Stutz, MD delivered his regular Covid 19 update. There are just nine new cases this week, five hospitalizations, only 36 active cases and 38 (very regrettable) total deaths over this past sixteen months. I related to Dr. Stutz mortality Vital Statistics for Del Norte County from the State Department of Public Health, Vital Stats branch that showed no spike in mortality rates since 2017 including projected deaths for the first eight months of 2021.

Covid 19 is not the killer folks have been brainwashed into thinking.

When confronted with this telling fact, Dr. Stutz meandered through a response which made zero sense:

Synopsis: Rural counties have skewed findings. Huh?

Dr. Stutz clamor for the unvaccinated to take the needle did not and will not resonate with fully 45% of Del Norte unvaccinated, yet the good Dr. continues to bang that same drum. Despite every tactic employed from Pay to Vaxx to full blown intimidation tactics, which border on the hysterical, from no shortage of snake oil salesmen (including our shameful State Senator Mike McGuire) on the Newsom-Left.

Clear thinkers who see the darker side of these vaccines won’t budge… Dr. Stutz and his band of sour music makers continue to play the same old song: VACCINATE or else.

The second part of item nine on the Agenda concerned Mayor Greenough’s well- written letter of NO MANDATES to be sent to the State was a bit more complicated. Vice Mayor Inscore, attempting to curry favor from Sacramento, walked on egg shells hoping to insert recognition of Gov. Newsom’s opposition to California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) mandate to inoculate all COs by the end of this month and wanted more time to study the letter from the Mayor.

Ahem. Councilor Inscore had the letter in his possession for at least 72 hours before the meeting.

The Councilors agreed to have the Letter of Opposition hammered out between the two of them by week’s end, then sent to a bevy of State mucky-mucks.

More to come on this evolving story.

UPDATE: City Manager Eric Wier announced at last night’s meeting, the City will suspend all Covid 19 employee testing by the end of this week, October 8.

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