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By Donna Westfall – August 6, 2018 –

Dead people can’t collect $1.5 million dollar judgments.  But that’s exactly what Attorney, Bob Cochran is trying to do.  The plaintiff died many years ago and there’s no heir, executor, replacement, or assignee.  The way Attorney, Bob Cochran has set this up, Cochran is the only living person on the court paperwork lined up to collect on a $1.5 million dollar judgment.

According to the defendant (who has asked not to be named at this time), “I was never given notice there was a judgment against me for the last ten years.  A woman at Bob Cochran’s office told me over eleven years ago that the case against me was not being pursued and that if anything changed, they would let me know.  But that never happened.  After over 11 years, I just discovered a few months ago there’s a $1.5 million dollar judgment against me.”

Local paralegal Wesley Nunn reviewed the court file in the matter, Case Number CVUJ 06-1451.  What he discovered was profound.  First, accordingly to Mr. Nunn, “there’s no proof of service on many of the documents that are required to have proofs of service.  That backs up what the defendant is saying, that he never received notice that a judgment was taken against him.”

In addition to the plaintiff being long since deceased, Mr. Nunn further points out that the complaint filed in this case by Attorney, Bob Cochran about 12 years ago is completely legally deficient because it includes no demand whatsoever for money and alleges no injury.  Mr. Nunn says this renders the complaint completely legally deficient and shows extraordinary ineptness on the part of Bob Cochran as the attorney on the case.

So the defendant sought the relief entitled to him under the law.  First, the defendant tried to disqualify Judge Follett.  But Judge Follett refused to be disqualified from the case.

The defendant then filed a motion to vacate the sham judgment.  Ordinarily, such a fraudulently obtained judgment is routinely voided.  “Legally deficient judgments are routinely voided by the normal processes of law” says Mr. Nunn.

Attorney, Cochran filed an opposition to the motion to vacate.  According to Mr. Nunn, Attorney Cochran’s opposition includes no cases or argument pertaining to the issue.  And in the opposition, Cochran admits there is no heir, executor or beneficiary available to take the place of the plaintiff in this case.  The big question in this reporter’s mind is —  with no client and no beneficiary, how is Attorney, Cochran entitled to collect this $1.5 million dollars?

Not only that, but Judge Follett did all Attorney, Bob Cochran’s work and legal research for him.  According to paralegal Mr. Nunn, that’s illegal.  Mr. Nunn says, “I was so disgusted at the hearing.  Judge Follett literally did all of Bob Cochran’s work for him.  There must’ve been several hours of research done by Judge Follett for Cochran, all because Cochran brought no law or argument of any substance.  Not that there could possibly be a valid reason for doing what Bob Cochran has done here, that is to pursue a $1.5 million dollar judgment with no client, no plaintiff, no executor, no personal representative, and no assignee.”  Mr. Nunn went on to say, “Judge Follett fabricated his own facts and overruled California’s Legislature and Supreme Court.  It’s hard to imagine anything more unjust than two prior law partners, one now a judge, fabricating their own facts and law, and misapplying that law.  And this was played against a person with no legal experience.”

And Judge Follett’s cases and arguments were first presented at the hearing on the matter, where Judge Follett ruled on the spot in favor of his own flawed legal argument.  Mr. Nunn says this is a very serious deprivation of the defendant’s constitutionally protected right to due process right to object to or oppose the ruling.

Paralegal Mr. Nunn also points out that because judges are immune from law suits, it may be that Judge Follett maneuvered this in a way to extend judicial immunity to Bob Cochran in this case.  Is that itself illegal?  According to Mr. Nunn, it’s highly illegal.  Mr. Nunn says formal complaints will be submitted to the California Commission on Judicial Performance and well as the California State Bar.

By the way, Bob Cochran is set to be sworn in as our new judge in January 2019.

“From what I’ve observed here, Bob Cochran is totally incapable of performing as a judge” says Mr. Nunn.  “I can predict three weeks tops before he quits or has an outburst.  The stress and learning curve for a new judge requires at least 50 hours a week.  Given Bob’s history of heart disease and his general health, and his need to have Judge Follett do all his legal research for him, I don’t think he can last two or three weeks working 50 hours a week.  He definitely should have stayed retired.  A first year law student would perform better than this.”

In the United States, 25 out of 50 states mandate judges retire by 70 years old.  Now in his seventies, Bob Cochran will be nearly 80 by the time the six year term runs.

Mr. Nunn says he feels completely betrayed by Attorney, Cochran.  Earlier this year, Mr. Nunn asked Cochran if he would be able to follow the law as a Superior Court judge.  Cochran assured he would.  Now, Mr. Nunn says it appears Cochran has no intention of following the law and may not have the capacity to be a judge.  “He should have stayed retired” says Mr. Nunn.

“I previously predicted that Cochran’s running is a ploy” Mr. Nunn added.  “The ploy is that Cochran can’t do the job, quits for medical reasons, and Judge Follett waltzes right back in as if he never left.”

Judge William Follett received national attention in 2017 for drastically disparate sentences in two local rape cases.  In the Wilson Lor case, an Asian American, Lor was 16.  Follett sencenced Lor 25 years to life for rape.  But in the infamous Nolan Bruder case, where Bruder (18 at the time) admitted he drugged and raped his 16 year old sister, Follett only required Bruder to serve 4 months!  This outrageous sentencing sparked outrage across the nation.  According to Mr. Nunn, “this shows me that Judge Follett is clearly incapable of administering justice and that the sentencings may have racial underpinnings.”  Public outcry over the Bruder sentencing led to Judge Follett’s announcement that he would not seek re-election in 2018.

I asked Mr. Nunn if he feared retaliation.  Mr. Nunn said that everything he says is thoroughly backed up by the court file in this case, and that the truth provides a full defense to any defamation claim that may be used to stop the truth from finally coming out.

Mr. Nunn goes on to say, “The State Commission On Judicial Performance has removed judges for violations far less severe than this.  If the Commission on Judicial Performance does its job correctly, Judge Follett and Bob Cochran will both lose their positions on the bench and may soon be taking the same ‘walk of shame’ as the likes of former District Attorney, Jon Alexander and former Del Norte County Supervisor/California Coastal Commissioner, Martha McClure”.

  1. Christopher Miles, you file a motion pursuant to CA Code of Civil Procedure 170.6. All you have to say is that you don’t think you can get a fair hearing in front of him. You’ll be sworn in under oath, but that’s ok. If you don’t feel like he’ll be fair, then it’s the truth. You don’t need to make any other arguments. He’ll be barred from hearing any part of your case after that. You can only do it once per case, though, so use it wisely.


  2. As judge Cochran now sits on the bench I have an unlawful detainer case coming up. I would like to have Cochran removed but not sure I have a strong enough argument to do so. Can anyone reading this help please. Thank You. And just fyi: We have been asked to move in the middle of the school year, we wish to continue paying rent and move after school is out so my daughter doesn’t have to change schools in the middle of the year. The landlord has not given a reason for not accepting our rent but the 60 days notice comes on the heels of me reporting the landlord for removing notices placed on a bulliten board. The notices removed were placed there by the California department of housing and rural development.

  3. Follett has always been an incompetent toady. He did not know law or how to implement it and he constantly wasted people’s time and court resources. Del Norters have to stop voting for buffoons. Bob Cochran may be a real tool, but at least he isn’t an incompetent nincompoop.

  4. I’ve wondered whether or not “Country Bob’s” specialty is to beguile church folks and the like, gain their confidence to only victimize them and their families? I believe it’s a “Numbers’ Game.” Are the trusts, wills, probates etc., that come to fruition; family members deceased or moved out of the area, does Country Bob swoop in to capitalize on the assets? Does his X law partner Follet sign off on everything? I wonder how many prior victims will come forward now about Bob? Hopefully, when this is all over and after he is sued for this, he might slither out of town in the same fashion as many scam-sters of the past, preventing further embezzlement and havoc!

  5. Common sense would dictate that “Something is Highly Amiss Here of a Criminal Variety,” and that I believe the local District Attorey needs to get involved and look into all of this or some State entity! I mean come on, it’s one thing for a civilian to bring a sham frivolous law suit, BUT it is something entirely in another league for a seasoned STATE BAR Licensed attorney to be on a “Shake-own”, looking for a potential payday, with deceased client and ONLY himself named, as any type of Beneficiary!??

  6. Harwood (or whatever your real name is), there’s always someone chiming in to defend the corrupt. Usually anonymous or a fake name like Harwood, no surprise there. But I guess if you work for the court system, you can’t really show your real name. The corrupt in the court will be so proud of you.

    Making up false facts in attempt to draw away from the real issue, no surprise there either.

    This is precisely the attitude that nourishes and protects the corruption. It’s a good sign to see you’re frustrated.

    I notice you conveniently avoid mentioning the over two million dollar loan defaulted by our one of our Supervisors which included defaulting a taxpayer funded loan for approximately $400,000. Clearly shows you’re siding with those already proven to be corrupt.

  7. Harwood
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    Mr. Nunn is so overwhelmed by his work as paralegal, that he has neglected to honor his promises. When one signs a contract, for instance, whether it be land, or dwellings, a person promises to fulfill his part of the contract. Why then was your name listed on several loans that were foreclosed against? Shrewd business man? I think not. Not being at the foreclosure auctions, I have no way of knowing what the properties sold for, or if you bought them at a fire sale bargain. Why worry about a judge not yet in office? Or maybe you really need that million yourself!

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  8. Bill RobinsonReply
    August 6, 2018 at 7:39 pm

    Why would a law firm be spending all this money to get this judgement? Their is a reason. Law firms don’t work for free.

  9. Nicholas MaiettaReply
    August 6, 2018 at 8:32 pm

    Is this the same Bob Cochran that is becoming the next Judge? The people of Del Norte need to reign in on this before he does because it will be nearly impossible to remove him after. There were plenty of people who could have run for that position but it’s sad to see that nobody else ran. This is my understanding, anyway.

  10. Lenda BeckReply
    August 7, 2018 at 2:54 pm

    My Attorney said Follet does not know the law. He had me in court every month for a year trying to get a signature. where I already had a court judgement. I followed his every command he wanted and it was never enough. I paid $2500 for a point and authority that said I have a judgement Judge could make a decision for me.. My lawyer ate his lunch.. Very weak Judge.

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