Sun. May 19th, 2024


Early in the morning, November 18th, two Palestinians cousins attacked and killed four Jewish men at the synagogue in the middle of prayer in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in West Jerusalem.

Three of the men killed were United States citizens that  immigrated to Israel and held dual citizenship. One of the Americans who was killed were Kalman Levine, 55, a rabbi originally from Kansas City, Mo. Another American killed was 59 year old Moshe Twersky, son of Isadore Twersky, a Harvard scholar and renowned Boston rabbi who died in 1997, and a grandson of Joseph Dov Soloveitchik, an Orthodox philosopher and teacher who died in 1993. 

Armed with guns, knives and axes, the killers spilled blood until gunned down by police. One policeman later died of his injuries at the hospital bringing the death toll to five.

For the full story go to New York Times for the article titled

Israel on Edge After Attackers Kill Five in Synagogue




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