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Submitted by Jon Coupal, President – Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association – August 20, 2019

Thank you!!

As we anticipated, Assembly Constitutional Amendment 1 did come up for a vote Monday on the Assembly Floor. After 30 minutes of testimony, which included opposition comments from both Democrats and Republicans, ACA 1 was defeated! When all the votes were counted it had only 44 votes, well shy of the 54 vote two-thirds supermajority required for passage! Ultimately no Republicans voted for the bill and 17 Democrats voted no or abstained.

In our Action Alerts last week and yesterday, we asked you to call eight Democrat legislators. Of those eight, every single one either opposed ACA 1 or abstained from voting.

The final total was 44 “ayes,” 20 “noes,” and 15 “NVR” (no vote recorded).

HJTA’s outstanding Legislative Director, David Wolfe, asked me to give you this message:

“With all my heart, I want to thank you so much for making these calls. As I went around the Capitol yesterday to 15 different offices while battling ACA 1, I could hear staffers answering your calls. They would tell me, ‘We hear your people.’ And ultimately, yesterday they did.”

David has advised that although ACA 1 was defeated on the floor yesterday, it is eligible to come up for an additional “reconsideration” vote potentially at any time. So by all means, enjoy this victory and the knowledge that your calls were a crucial part of the process. We are encouraged by the non-partisan nature of this victory, but we are staying vigilant. The battle to protect Proposition 13 is never over.

Congratulations on a big win!

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