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By Donna Westfall – June 1, 2023

Let’s look at history in the making. AND note that Nancy Pelosi voted for it and Jared Huffman voted against it.

What is IT?

“IT” was the House voted 314 – 117 to pass the largest deficit reduction bill In US History “… this is the biggest cut in savings this Congress has ever voted for”, says House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. PLUS, more Democrats (165) voted for it than Republicans (149).

Let’s reflect for just a moment on the two parties working together and offer congratulations. It’s about time.

Naturally there was opposition to the bill as some Progressive Democrats and some Conservative Republicans argued: spending cuts were too deep vs cuts didn’t go deep enough.

Perhaps by Friday, June 2nd, the Senate will tackle the bill and pass it but don’t be surprised to see AMENDMENTS.

Before publishing what the win actually looks like in dollars and cents (sense; common sense), let’s see if Sen. Bernie Sanders puts the kibosh on it with enough of his fellow Senators to kill the deal. Isn’t it about time he retired already?

If or when it passes the Senate, let’s hope our local politicians sit up and take notice and learn a thing or two before we have to take away their cash register and put them out to pasture.

  1. Speaking of local politician’s cash register I tried to watch the Measure R Oversight Committee on YouTube last night. It made me madder and madder. Started out “wage adjustments” for everyone. Then hiring more people, i.e., a Project Manager to see what projects are needed–duh, give me a break. And if I understood they can’t start any projects other than a couple parking lots until they build up some money in the account. Yet they give out wage adjustments (more raises) and hire more people for our little county government. Guess I’m still fuming. But what can we do. Donna, they gave you 3 minutes, then went on about their business like you weren’t even there. Wasted 3 minutes?

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