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By Carl DeMaio – May 8, 2023

I just confirmed with our lawyers that if we win the YES vote in next year’s election to pass our California Taxpayer Protection Initiative, the provisions this powerful tax-blocking measure will be applied retroactively to January 1, 2022! This is HUGE NEWS – and here’s why:

We feared that state and local politicians – faced with the real possibility that this initiative will pass in 2024 – would rush to approve a blizzard of crazy tax hikes prior to the election including:

  • Mileage Tax – 6 cents per mile you drive
  • Utility Tax based on your income – higher rates if you “earn too much”
  • Savings Tax to go after your investments and bank accounts
  • Exit Tax to punish those that flee the state
  • Payroll/Excise Taxes for government-run healthcare – costing $16k per household
  • Local Sales/Property Taxes through misleading initiatives on your local ballot

That’s why our lawyers put a “claw-back” provision in the measure – to invalidate ANY and ALL of these tax hikes should our measure be approved by the voters in 2024! But we get this powerful insurance policy against costly and unfair tax hikes ONLY if we WIN THE YES VOTE on the measure in 2024!

Unfortunately, our YES campaign is WAY BEHIND in fundraising and I’m really getting worried!

Can you chip in a contribution to help us catch up and be in the position we need to WIN passage of this ballot measure?

Contribute Securely: YES on the California Taxpayer Protection Initiative

We are up against the deep pockets of state and local politicians and their special interest backers. Passing the California Taxpayer Protection Initiative will be a GAME CHANGER to provide you with immediate tax savings – and shield you from the constant tax hike schemes politicians advance every year!

We only get to block these tax hikes and future ones IF WE WIN THE YES VOTE next year.

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