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By Donna Westfall – June 12, 2023 – Video By Doug Westfall

We got a call from Ted Scott that demolition has begun on the old “A” Street Clinic. A demolition machine is out there steadfastly dismantling the building that has been vacant for more than a decade.

A few years back, Jason Rowe and Julia Yim bought the property, erected a large sign with all the promises of a grand place and then promptly put it up for sale for $5 million. Since then it has only deteriorated. To watch video go to:

Crescent City, City Hall’s receptionist Heather issued the demolition permit for Hemmingsen to get started. Trucks will be hauling out the debris Tuesday and Wednesday. Demolition is slated to be finished Wednesday or Thursday June 15th:

Who owns the place now and what will happen next? It’s owned by Lounge Chair Investments, LLC and Julia Yim’s name is connected. Again, she’s connected to Jason Rowe. It is in receivership and will become a vacant lot.

Hopefully, someone or some company will value the proximity to the ocean and the views and will want to build something substantial.

    1. As I understand it, the owners would have to pay. That would be Lounge Chair Investments, LLC and Julia Yim. Another scenario would be that the expense would be added as a lien on the property.

  1. Open Door Community Health Center last occupied that building in 2007. Every year since then the building has deteriorated, and it was very ironic to drive past and see “Vision” signs posted on the building.

    1. When Jason Rowe and Julia Yen breezed into town they sold a pipedream and Eric Wier and the City Council members bought it .
      After conducting a thorough investigation on their LLC, I discovered they had several fake newspapers that were online. They had a fake business which is considered shadow box businesses through Delaware. They also got the Eureka news station to come up here and advertise the condos they allegedly were going to build. The news made the newspaper. After that these people put the property up for sale for $5 million dollars.
      Finally, I tried telling the city and the county but they just laughed and laughed. Apparently they stopped laughing. But I am now laughing and laughing. I guess I got the last laugh.

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