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June 1, 2017 –

With no notice, our DA is leaving to move back to Misssouri…TODAY!  His letter of resignation says it all:

5 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: District Attorney Dale Trigg Resigns”
  1. Dale Trigg did the right and only thing. Del Norte county insulted and degraded him by paying him less money, with less benefits, than a subordinate who has less responsibility. Although he and his subordinate appear to have had a good working relationship, for many supervisors and subordinates the pay difference would create significant ongoing conflicts. Congrats, Del Norte County, for failing to correct a huge problem and for dooming your DAs to deserting you. Maybe you don’t really want effective law enforcement for reasons of your own. If you did, you would put your money where your mouth is.

  2. I read one of the above comments…and it talks about he expense of a law degree.
    Just because a college charges “$80,000” a year does not mean a person is “worth” X number of $’s a year (based off how much they paid to go to a school). If SF attorney’s were charging $900 per hour in 2007 and people were paying it, well, that says it all.

    To me, this isn’t about this lawyer quitting over money. Its about right/wrong and equality. I find it hard to think any degree should EVER cost $80,000 (per year)… Your boss should always make more than you…

    How do we “correct” this? Well, when a company that does NOTHING other than let you post your social messages is worth Billions we can’t. We chose these things.. We need to re evaluate how much of our time is worth the things we pay for (and we all pay for the District attorney’s salary).

    A complicated mess we’ve created..

  3. Yet, Former Sheriff Deputy Joseph R. Garcia got a full retirement after his felony conviction(s).

    And here I thought I was hard pressed for cash in that town. Even the DA wasn’t making it either. I’m glad I recently moved to Santa Cruz County less than an hour’s drive from San Jose, Mountain View and lower parts of San Francisco., and I’m hoping Mr Trigg gets the pay he deserves in a new area as well. Kudo’s to him for leaving that undeserving town.

    I suspect a lot more people will end up leaving soon also.

    My visits to Crescent City/Del Norte may be more like cloudy vacations.

  4. Well, a lot of things probably contributed to this. But the biggest thing is the fact Del Norte County does not pay the Elected DA a competitive wage. The CAO makes 176,000.00 per year whereas the County DA made with benefits only 114,000.00 per year. I have learned no one wants to really step up to the plate because they are making approximately 300,000.00 per year working on their own.

    AND yes 114,000.00 is a lot of money, but it is not successful considering so much more can be made elsewhere. to attend a 4 year college at UC Davis today to become an attorney cost approximately 80 thousand dollars per year. so kids come out owing for an education and expect to get paid for that education. Keep in mind in 2007 San Francisco attorneys were charging up to 900.00 per hour for consultations and representation.

    Guess Del Norte needs to have a hard discussion.

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