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Opinion Piece By Linda Sutter – June 15, 2021

Fire District Tax fails yet again.

Now that we have this behind us we are safe for 6 more months.

This is the time to conduct a recall on all fire district members and this is why. The current board members have been duped twice into spending $140,000 taxpayers dollars on two elections. The board members either don’t read or fail to understand what the engineers report says. And, none of the board members seem to understand a budget.

The Crescent City-Del Norte Taxpayers Association has the names and addresses of all affected property owners. Those interested in working on a recall of all Board Members leave comments below. Let’s end this form of malfeasance and conduct a recall on all of them. Lastly the community realizes the importance of this fire district but must come up with a reasonable budget shared by all not just three captains and a chief.

One thought on “BREAKING NEWS: Fire District Tax FAILS!”
  1. Keep in mind the fire district neglected to give the harbor district any votes this time around.

    During the October vote the harbor district received several votes. At that time the Harbor District voted no on the tax. This time the fire district didn’t allow the Harbor District to vote. In the meantime Vanessa Duncan the fire district clerk stated the fire district list by 19.00 dollars. Laughable when did money become the weighted vote?

    Time to RECALL fire district board members

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