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Mark S. Gietzen, President  of Kansas Republican Assembly deserves a resounding pat on the back for getting the first fluoride bill before the Kansas House of Representatives:”

“I am writing tonight (February 18th) with some great news! Earlier today, we had our Fluoride Bill, HB2372 , successfully introduced on the House Floor in Topeka, Kansas.

To follow the progress of this bill in the days and weeks ahead, you may use .

 Here’s are a few brief glimpses:

Session of 2013


By Committee on Federal and State Affairs


AN ACT concerning certain municipalities; relating to disclosures regarding fluoride in water supplies.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas:

Section 1. (a) The legislature declares the following:

(1) Fluoride is not a nutrient used by the human body. Without regard to dental concerns, the optimal amount of fluoride in the human body is


(2) Although more studies are urgently needed to evaluate and determine the exact effects of fluoride on the thyroid, kidneys, prostate,

liver, heart, brain and other organs in the human body, modern science indicates that there is valid reason for caution and concern, particularly in

fluoride’s lowering of intelligence quotient among children, possible loss-of-memory function in the elderly population, and ill effects on those

already suffering diabetes or health problems involving the thyroid, kidneys, prostate, liver or heart.

(3) Citizens of African-American descent may suffer the side-effects of fluoride at a much higher rate than Caucasian citizens.

The story behind the bill is fascinating and hopefully will be published here in the next few days.


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