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Commentary By Donna Westfall – March 1, 2023

They call it annihilation. 83% of the voters didn’t want her The people have had enough.

The woke agenda is NOT working for Chicago.

She was Chicago’s first Black Mayor. She was openly gay. But because of her divisive leadership and spike in crime, she was not re-elected to a second term.

On April 4, there will be a runoff between  Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson. Both are Democrats.

Paul Vallas is 69 years old and is focusing on law-and-order, school choice, and reforming the city’s finances. 

Brandon Johnson is 46 years old. A former teacher and union organizer, he has argued that the answer to addressing crime is not more money for police but more investment in mental health care, education, jobs, and affordable housing, and he was accused by rivals such as Lightfoot of wanting to defund the police. If he gets elected, I don’t anticipate much difference between him and Lightfoot.

Chicago is the third largest city in the nation after New York then Los Angeles.

May the voters vote wisely.

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