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By Donna Westfall –  April 13, 2017 – While Bryan Ranger continues to sit in jail approaching four years on charges of rape and lewd acts perpetrated by his oldest daughter, Mercy Ranger, now 21 years old, new information has surfaced.

In documents shown to me by Bryan Ranger totaling about 50 pages of testimony taken on November 11, 2014, attractive, redhead, Mercy Ranger, on line 1688 confesses to having had sex with her neighbor, an adult male.  She made the confession at the age of 18 that the sexual relationship started when she was about 14 years old and continued for a couple of years.

As the questioning continues, the story emerges that she “was in love at that time” with 40+ year old Marcus Nash. He gave her an engagement ring and they were going to move to Texas together. But then he cheated on her.

Now what’s the truth? If this is the truth, why is her father, Bryan Ranger still sitting in jail and Marcus Nash not charged with statutory rape? Has somebody been covering this up for 2 1/2 years?

As the saying goes, “more news later.”


4 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Mercy Ranger Confesses”
  1. Mercy Ranger is my ex. Trust me to tell you that she’s a good girl, just got dealt a shitty hand by her parents. Controlling, manipulative father, and a mother who won’t defend her children. She may not have always been honest, but I still pray she finds happiness and never falls prey to any predator again..

  2. The man who the girl was in love with gave her a $189 camera and the father made her return it.
    That’s when the the police and cps was called. This man “Mark’ told me that the family was fine
    and all the kids were well taken care of.

  3. Sounds like so many stories I hear with these girls in this town. They protect the molester instead of telling on them. I pray that this man gets out of jail and that they sue this town and cps for destroying their lives as they have mine and many others in this town. If a girl is having sex at 14 yrs old parents probably caught on stopped it and the girl was mad for it and lied saying it was her dad instead I don’t know I hear this shit all the time. I know a guy in this town name Danny who has sex with his nieces thinks it’s normal yet he’s one of these homeless low life’s you all complain about.

  4. Sounds like the truth is coming out. Is the only reason for the accusations against Bryan Ranger was to protect this Marcus Nash from being charged with statutory rape? Starting to sound that way.

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