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Credit to, Yelena Sukhoterina – February 17,2017 –

“Not Going to Back Down:” RFK Jr., De Niro Call Out Mainstream Media at Press Conference, Offer $100,000 Challenge Over Controversial Vaccine Additive

Clean vaccine activist Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and the World Mercury Project, the producer of the vaccine documentary Vaxxed Del Bigtree, and actor Robert De Niro, who has recently joined the fight for safe vaccines, spoke to Washington D.C.  journalists at a news conference on the morning of February 15 about the urgent need to begin adequately covering stories about the risks of vaccines.

Kennedy, who has recently been asked by President Donald Trump to study vaccine safety, also gave the journalists an unexpected challenge: he vowed to give anyone $100,000 for finding a study showing that thimerosal at the amounts currently used in the vaccines is safe.

Kennedy is confident that such study does not exist.

On the conference table, he provided 240 studies, all of which he said showed that thimerosal (a vaccine preservative that contains 50% mercury) is extremely toxic and is associated with neurodevelopmental issues. Over 80 studies he presented show that it is linked to autism-like symptoms in humans and animals.

After pointing out the concerning studies, Kennedy brought up vaccination facts that have been ignored by the mainstream media — and called out the journalists in the room for not covering these stories.

Over 6,000 Parents Sent World Mercury Project Cases of Children Injured by Vaccinations in Less Than 24 Hours

The number of parents’ who have children injured by vaccinations is growing every year, yet it is hidden from the general public. It is rare for anyone to ask them about their stories, so when Kennedy Jr. sent out a request for personal vaccine-injury cases, he has received over 6,000 personal accounts in less than 24 hours. These cases were presented in front of the reporters at the news conference.

The parents of these children are sometimes afraid to speak out as they have been shamed, verbally attacked, and shut down. The mainstream media has completely alienated them and refuses to hear their stories. But when given the outlet, thousands of families step forward all sharing an eerily similar story. Otherwise healthy children would lose eye contact and start showing autism-like symptoms right after or soon after receiving a vaccination.

De Niro is one of these parents. His wife Grace and he have a child with autism. He has spoken out previously about the corruption in the CDC, and has called out journalists before for not investigating it.

2 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: RFK, Jr. and Robert De Niro offer $100,000 challenge”
  1. An hour after meeting with president Trump,on Jan.10,2017,journalist Meredith Wadman, from Science ( called Robert Kennedy try and forcast what “Trump is trying to establish as the cause for continuing increases in neurological diseases developing in children immediately after beeing immunized.
    Q: You said that the commission is to delve into “vaccine safety and scientific integrity.” What is that second piece about?
    A: To make sure that we’re getting good science out of CDC.
    Q: It’s all about CDC? It’s not about “scientific integrity” in chemistry or physics or basic biology or anything else?
    A: Exactly. [CDC] is the locus of most of the most serious problems with the vaccine program, the two divisions at CDC: the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and the Immunization Safety Office, which is where the scientists are.
    Forward 1.5 months and we find Robert Kennedy Jr’s. approach to investigating the safety of the vaccines that had passed the CDC’s studies was straight forward. I would say the safety results would have to be considered less than poor. When 6,000 vaccine-injured children’s reports are submitted in 24 hours by parents who’s children were in good health just prior to being vaccinated! So there are the results folks. If Trump wanted tainted results he would have had some crock do the investigation. He requested R.K.Jr. (dedicated, intelligent, ethical…WHAT A CONCEPT) to do the study. Gov. Brown has made it mandatory for all children to be vaccinated to be able to attend public school. I hope somebody places these results in front of his face. I don’t even want to hear he didn’t see the report. President Trump has his results (within 2 months, NOT 2 or 20 years of his request). It will be interesting to see what happens. I doubt BIG PHARM will go down with out a fight. Hopefully, BIG PHARM will be TRUMPED by the PEOPLE’S CIVIL RIGHTS!

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