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BREAKING NEWS: Supervisor Lori Cowan Served

By Donna Westfall – May 9, 2017 –  During public comment at the Board of Supervisors meeting this morning, Linda Sutter announced that she was serving Supervisor Lori Cowan with a Notice of Intent to Circulate Recall Petition (“Notice”).

The reasons given on the Notice that contained 24 signatures:

  • “When a person is elected to the position of county supervisor, they are empowered to act on your behalf and do what’s right for the county.  When a county supervisor ceases to act in our interests and begins to vote on measures that benefit them at your expense, it is the duty of the voters to replace that person.  This is the case today.  Recently elected Supervisor Cowan has voted to spend county funds on those proposals that would benefit her, at the expense of the county.  In one of her very first votes as a county supervisor, she nominated herself to go to Japan at county expense.  This trip would have cost thousands of dollars if the rest of the board had not voted it down.  Her next act was to nominate herself to go to Washington D.C. at county expense without any specific agenda that would benefit the county.  District 2 voters need to know that this is not what they voted for when they elected Cowan as supervisor.  This is why we are asking for the recall of Lori Cowan as Del Norte County Supervisor in District 2.”

The next step is for Sup. Cowan to respond within seven days.  Once that is done, the Notice has to be published in the local newspaper.  When that is accomplished, the proof of publication along with the original Notice and two copies of the “Petition to Recall” are handed in to Alissia Northrup, the Del Norte County Clerk. The County Clerk then verifies that at least 20 signatures are of registered voters in District 2. When all of that is accomplished, 650 signatures must be collected within 60 days to place the recall on the ballot.




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