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By Donna Westfall – May 9, 2017 –  During public comment at the Board of Supervisors meeting this morning, Linda Sutter announced that she was serving Supervisor Lori Cowan with a Notice of Intent to Circulate Recall Petition (“Notice”).

The reasons given on the Notice that contained 24 signatures:

  • “When a person is elected to the position of county supervisor, they are empowered to act on your behalf and do what’s right for the county.  When a county supervisor ceases to act in our interests and begins to vote on measures that benefit them at your expense, it is the duty of the voters to replace that person.  This is the case today.  Recently elected Supervisor Cowan has voted to spend county funds on those proposals that would benefit her, at the expense of the county.  In one of her very first votes as a county supervisor, she nominated herself to go to Japan at county expense.  This trip would have cost thousands of dollars if the rest of the board had not voted it down.  Her next act was to nominate herself to go to Washington D.C. at county expense without any specific agenda that would benefit the county.  District 2 voters need to know that this is not what they voted for when they elected Cowan as supervisor.  This is why we are asking for the recall of Lori Cowan as Del Norte County Supervisor in District 2.”

The next step is for Sup. Cowan to respond within seven days.  Once that is done, the Notice has to be published in the local newspaper.  When that is accomplished, the proof of publication along with the original Notice and two copies of the “Petition to Recall” are handed in to Alissia Northrup, the Del Norte County Clerk. The County Clerk then verifies that at least 20 signatures are of registered voters in District 2. When all of that is accomplished, 650 signatures must be collected within 60 days to place the recall on the ballot.




14 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Supervisor Lori Cowan Served”
  1. Remember the Oath of Office
    ATTENTION! Are we so intelligent that when we elect someone to our county that we no longer can critize them or fire them? Do our elected officials have any standards? Lori thinks we should trust her promises when she didn’t follow them. SEE THE RECALL PETITION. Who trusts government? Yes we have tolerated too much already! A recall is valuable to the citizen becaue it is unpopular, may cost a bit and it exposes corruption. The remedy is worth the criticism because we love liberty and justice more than unpopularity! The Recall of Lori is the most import “reset” button to restore accountability to DEL NORTE COUNTY in years! We Citizens forget history and liberty…UNTILL WE PAY FOR IT! What history? The history that government is us who hired servants to follow an oath to bind public servants down to some standards! Do we as a people in DelNorte want an oligarchy of elite politicians assuming they have unrestricted and unchecked power? NO! Do we deserve Lori’s dictatorship because she won a popularity contest called an election? Should we citizens speak out against corruption? When? How? When do we recognize public servants financial abuse and oppression? Enduring physical and financial abuse is common when the abused do not have any hope in a solution! This is too common with the taxpayer and the Elderly, who, to often, tolerate the abuse until the account is drained or the citizen is disceased. Some will only see Lori as a neighbor or a victim and never a corrupt politician whose actions need accountability to we the people and to the law! Her choices for wasting our money is significant and it affects all DelNorte County taxpayers. Yes the recall will cost some money but it’s worth it to stop the abuse AND SEND THE RIGHT MESSAGE!
    Recall is one of our Constitutional remedies and a valuable tool for Citizens in questioning and stopping the corruption!
    Lorof self serving politicians. THE RECALL IS LONG PAST DUE!
    YES, WE WOKE UP TO CORRUPTION and NOW demand honest, good and wise public servants! Public servants who put principles above popularity, above party and above pocketbook! Enough is enough? Lori has to go!
    Unfortunately, to many Politicians struggle with simple standards of morality because of access to freebies/benifits AND OUR TAX MONEY!
    Lori has her masters and conflicts of special interest. Lori’s history with money, personally and as a supervisor, prove SELFISH AND SELF SERVING decisions! Too much here to publish. This is not personal, this is a principled recall. Some may have other reasons and so Brit. Read therecall reasons. Lori will resignThe recall gives citizens time to discuss and sign a petition to later decide for her replacement. Yes we the people demand a limited government with rules! Yes Lori’s constituents will vote in a recall election!
    We the people will and should respect, understand and support the sacrifices for our liberty! The silent majority is overtaxed and abused by government-we have had enough! ITS TIME FOR LORI TO STOP WASTING OUR TIME AND MONEY WITH SELFISH POLITICAL ISSUES! It’s TRULY sad when a public servant uses her friends and misinformation to justify abuses of power and create confusion! How much ABUSE OF POWER IS ENOUGH!? LORI, YOU SHOULD STOP THE RECALL, SUBMIT YOUR LETTER OF RESIGNATION TO THE COUNTY CLERK!

  2. Hi, I am Jenny Young, Joey Young’s ex wife and Lori Cowens friend. To who ever wrote the comment regarding Lori’s part in the situation with her condoning Joey staying in hotel rooms with his now partner. First let me start out by saying how said that you bring up a painful memory in my life in order to hurt my friend Lori. Very very selfish of you. Second, that is not the facts at all. Lori had no idea what was going on. And once she found out that the situation was questionable she took measures to stop it, with in minutes.
    I am gratful to Lori for what she did and the support she gave me during that difficult time in my life. Please think before you post something that can hurt multiple people. Not only are you trying to hurt Lori but what you posted drags Joey’s name through the mud too and he has long paid for this situation and doesn’t deserve to have it brought up again, nor do I wish to have to be reminded of it either. Lori is a fantastic friend, an amazing community supporter, and business owner in our town.
    Your facts are not correct.
    Think before you post, please.
    Thank you,
    Jenny young

    1. Ms. Young none of this is about you or your ex husband, but liberals commonly pick out parts of an issue to attack. Since you brought it up let’s discuss…first off your husband had a great reputation and was very “nice,” however, all that was for distraction of having no control and participating in an unlawful act of having sex with an underage minor.

      I didn’t vote for Lori Cowan to stay in our public school system, and it was inconceivable that she was even voted in as a supervisor. People were very done with MARTHA McClure and wanted change…but desperation was clearly not the answer. Sup. Cowan in a short period has demonstrated her lack of knowledge in basic fundamental understanding of freedom of speech, she has demonstrated she wants a credit card without no limit on the backs of the taxpayers, and she will continue to think it is ok to spend money we don’t have for frivolous self interest. One of them is going to Washington D.C. to show an interest of getting last chance grade fixed. HA…a genuine waste of tax payers money unless you have legislation as well as supporters of that legislation to get through.

      Lori Cowan was nice to you during your trying times, probably because she knew she contributed to the problem as one person already suggested. Lori Cowan is only motivated by her own self interest. And until we the people start coming together to say we have had enough and recall these players, nothing will change in Del Norte County.

  3. If you really want to get Lori Cowan recalled, all you need to do is look into the role she played when she was working for the school district and ignored repeated warnings that Joey Young was staying in the same hotel room as his young student victim. Lori knew all about it for months and months and never did anything. Ask Joey’s former wife. Lori even arranged for the two to stay in the hotel together!

    1. Please see the post I made in regards to your post about Lori and her part in the situation with myself and Joey young.

      1. I think it’s a little strange that you’re so quick to go after people for every little thing but this major event is unraveling and you are quiet on it.

        1. I’m one person working part-time to put news up in Crescent City Times. I have intentions of going to the court house to review the files, then make some phone calls, but it all takes time. Have patience and let’s see what is revealed.

        2. Unless you haven’t been paying attention, violating the Brown Act several times is in fact a “Big Thing”, yet the Triplicate doesn’t even say so much as a word about it, because of the kind of partisan rag it has become. Scott Feller will grace the pages of the Crescent City Times in due course, with what information that is available. The editor of this paper doesn’t play favorites like Robin Fornoff does at the Triplicate, and it doesn’t narrate, which seems to be what the Triplicate is quite often guilty. Some of the things that you won’t find in the Triplicate, you may find in the CCTimes. Very often individuals in this community write things that add to the news of this community, that you will never see else where. In addition people are welcome to comment on stories, something you very seldom see in the Triplicate. So be patient and tune in often.

          1. Where did she violate the Brown Act? I witnessed the “investigation” which turned up nothing except wasting the time of the people who serve on this board. Using taxpayer money and County staff time for a recall effort that is baseless and against a new supervisor based on vendettas is a “big thing” in my book. In both of these alleged “wrongs” the system worked the way it was supposed to. If you folks would spend your energy on positive outcomes for this community instead of witch hunts you could make a real difference.

            1. Maybe you ought to go to a Board of Supervisors meeting and take the blinders off.

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