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By Donna Westfall – January 31, 2017 –Judge Gorsuch Streaming live at approximately 5:10 pm this evening pacific time, President Trump nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch, a federal appeals court judge in Denver, Colorado, to the Supreme Court.  Since the death of Antonin Scalia, that position has been vacant.

Gorsuch would be the youngest nominee in the last 25 years.  He’s 49 years old.  It’s a lifetime position and depending on health, could serve for up to 50 years shaping and molding this nation.

Is he pedigreed?

Yes, he is.  He was in the same Harvard Law Class as Mr. Obama.  He holds a Ph.D. from Oxford University.  He was a law clerk at the supreme court to Justices Byron White and Anthony Kennedy, now 80 years old.

Let’s look at his family background.

His mother Anne Gorsuch Burford, became the first head of the Environmental Protection Agency under Reagan’s administration.

Who’s backing him?

More than 50 groups including gun rights and pro-life activists.  In order to get confirmed, he will need the support of eight Democrats to join the 52 Republicans.

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