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By Kevin Kiley – May 23, 2023

At the moment, the “debt ceiling” battle is all-consuming in Washington. Here are two things you may not hear in the media coverage.

First, in the House (unlike the Schumer-controlled Senate) we passed legislation weeks ago to avoid defaulting on our country’s debts – while cutting spending so we don’t take on more debt. Second, in California, our deadbeat Governor has already defaulted on an $18.5 billion debt.

And Newsom isn’t just defaulting. He’s concealing: the Legislative Analyst has announced California’s budget deficit is “much worse” than the Governor says – $52 billion, after squandering a $100 billion “surplus” last year. 

The bad news is Biden continues to imitate this catastrophe. The good news is we’ve had some key breakthroughs in our battle to stop him:

  • My “The Collapse of San Francisco” address on the House last week is having an impact: none other than CNN just aired an hour-long special on how the city is falling apart.
  • Following my questioning of Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, he is facing increased scrutiny over giving false testimony to Congress. A fact-check by the Washington Free Beacon confirmed he outright lied when he denied supporting student vaccine mandates.
  • After my closing argument against Julie Su’s nomination on the House Floor, the expected confirmation vote was called off. Her top backer in the Senate, Bernie Sanders, “notably demurred when asked whether he was optimistic about her chances.” 

On the legislative front, my Free Speech on Campus bill has been officially introduced, with Congressman Burgess Owens joining me as a co-author; and a bill I co-sponsored to denounce the “defund the police” movement passed the House.

In the face of recklessness and radicalism, we are winning key victories. Sanity is breaking through. And there is plenty more to come.

Help me fight the insanity in D.C. and California

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Kevin Kiley is a California Congressman

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