Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

I attended  Del Norte Board of Supervisors’ meeting on June 25.  Elections are behind us until next year, so members feel safe insulting voters who come to the meeting.  If it were not the law, voters would not be allowed to speak, or even attend Board meetings.

Conclusion:  Winners listen.  Losers wait their turn to speak.  Extreme losers insult their constituents and fellow board members while waiting for them to stop talking.

Case in point:  Take A Bite Out of Blight. One of the supervisors coordinated cleaning up county property next to WalMart by the Boy Scouts (thank you, guys).  The labor was FREE to the County.  The group cleaning up requested that the property be posted with appropriate signs estimated to cost about $2,100.  Not only did four of the supervisors rail against the costs of the signs, and embarrass the volunteers, they practically burned at the stake the one supervisor who got all the work done at no cost to the county.  Barbecue, Del Norte County-style.

A simple thank you, a simple let’s see how signage might be handled less expensively, a simple lets put that on a later agenda, or lets see if there are some signs lying around somewhere in the State of California that could be donated to Del Norte County.

Only, how dare you ambush us into allowing you to clean up that dangerous lot by not telling us that at some time in the future there could be costs requested.

Thank you, Roger Gitlin.  Shame on the rest of you.

Victoria B. Dickey

Crescent City, Ca.




2 thoughts on “BULLYING BOS STYLE”
  1. so I wonder why I am having problems with one of the (name deleted by editor) rental properties (there are quite a few in this county) on Del Monte Street. The current tenant thinks it is okay to blow her leaves and other debris from the yard onto my property. I have had nothing but trouble with this family. The landlords are profiting from the misery her tenants create. I wonder how many others are experiencing harassment from tenants in the landlord’s rental empire? I have had the misfortune of purchasing a property next door and would like to tell others about the way I have been treated by this family.

    1. Janet, this is not the correct forum for your complaint. I suggest you contact the landlord’s and also make a complaint with
      law enforcement. Hope that helps.

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