Sun. May 19th, 2024

By Donna Westfall – February 19, 2024

For all your cheese lovers, there’s are some added surprises going on today only until 3 pm.

First, there’s a table set up outside the front door with beef jerky samples by Oat Hill Organic Beef farms.

Then step inside the store and sample three different flavors of Kombucha Sparkling Probiotic Tea. My mother used to buy the stuff and I couldn’t swallow it, used to gag. So when I told the lady at the table about my experience, she just poured a little into a paper cup for me to taste. Well, it was good. Out of the three difference flavors I actually liked the Blueberry flavor as well as the Strawberry Lemon flavor which I purchased.

After that, Kate was offering different samples of cheeses which I took advantage of. Some that I had never tried before. I don’t like real spicy flavors, but these were pretty mild. Srirachi and Chipotle for instance.

Last, they have end pieces of cheese on sale for $3.50 a pound. Haven’t seen that in a while, so I got some but I don’t think their supply will last very long, it’s going fast.

Remember the samples are only until 3 pm TODAY;

Rumiano Cheese – (707) 465-1535

511 9th Street in Crescent City and they close at 4 pm.

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