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By Linda Sutter – August 12, 2022

Shruggies Snack Shack is located in the lot across the street from Surfside vacation rentals  on Highway 101 South right by 2nd street. There is an Orange Sign advocating for Food Vendors. 

I pulled into the lot close to the snack shack and it sort of reminded me of the days of old. Friday nights people would wash and clean their cars, and drive a loop to watch other people. It was a thing to do in the 70’s.  But, it could be a thing to do now. 

The owners of the SurfSide vacation rentals and this new lot, are Brandi Stevens and her husband Raul. A lovely couple with ambition, something which hasn’t been in Crescent City for the last 32 years. 

Let’s talk about the food. They sell Hot dogs, Nachos, drinks, and a strawberry/pineapple freeze that is refreshing. The hot dogs and nachos were fantastic and easy on the pocket book considering inflation. There are picnic tables. And, although breezy, bundle up and watch the passersby. 

What would be really neat is to have a gas fire pit to help stay warm and led lights to make it magical when the sun goes down. I am hoping this will lead to a new era of things to do on a Friday or Saturday night.

Wash and wax your car, put on your flirty clothes, cologne, makeup and perfume, and make a loop just like the good ole days. 

Thank You Brandy and Raul, for making great possibilities for our community

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