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By Jaime Yarbrough – March 28, 2023

Bowling has returned to Crescent City!!


The earliest record in the origin of Bowling comes from the ancient Egyptians about 5,200 BC. While the origin of the modern game of bowling originated in Germany as a religious ceremony with Martin Luther. It first arrived in America @1818 via the author Washington Irving. It thrived on the East coast of America throughout the 19th century in the major cities of New York, Cincinnati, Chicago, Milwaukee and other cities with large German populations.

Fast forward to August 1962, Marion Barnts, President of the Crescent Bowling Association, announced the opening of Crescent Bowl bowling alley. The lanes quickly filled up with patrons, men’s, women’s and bantam leagues formed. Local businesses with some names many still remember; Piggly Wiggly (which formerly occupied that very building), Burchell’s Paints, Endert’s Rexall Drug, the Tides, House of Flowers, Wards Propane, Pyke’s Ben Franklin’s, Punky’s Drive-In, Jerrys Paint, Antlers Sporting Goods and the Del Norte Sheriff’s Department sponsored teams in those leagues.

The women’s leagues along, with the men’s, traveled the West coast for tournaments. They had names like The Four Dishes, Fancy Pots, Kitchen Kueens, The Moppers, Pillow Fluffers and The Rolling Pins.

Two months after the lanes opened the Triplicate dedicated an entire column in the newspaper to the sport, listing participants, league standings and awards. Crescent Bowl established a place on the professional bowling map as #79 (see the map at Pro-shop counter)

Crescent Bowl closed its doors around 2000-2001 by the long-time owners by the Lincoln family who owned it for 40+ years. It was re-named, totally refurbished and reopened by the local tribe in 2001 until it closed once again at the beginning of the COVID-19 years around 2020. The lanes were recently bought and reopened as Tsunami Lanes and Family Entertainment Center by Dr. John Kirk, MD, FACOG and his wife, a former 30-year trauma nurse Cynthia Parenteau, RN in partnership with Brett Jensen, co-general manager. Randy Scruggs will continue as Pro-Shop manager and League President.

(For more background information on Dr. Kirk:

Dr. Kirk established a substantial OB/GYN clientele as a contractor for the St Helena and Napa Valley hospital. When the hospital discontinued their obstetrics operations and our Sutter Coast Hospital offered him a position, he accepted it.  It was then the two decided it was time for their years of hard work to pay off.

Dr. Kirk is transitioning his clientele in Napa downward, as the two continue divide some of their time between here and the Napa Valley. A contributing factor for the relocation was the ability to have a quality medical facility to support his aunt, relocated from San Diego,  who recently had a stroke.

The formal transition came when they purchased Tsunami Lanes and the Port O ’Pints Pub and brewery, from Rick and Carol White, to give back to the community. John and Cynthia will take ownership of the Port O’ Pints 14 April 2023. After residing and working here for the last two years in April their vision has transformed Tsunami lanes into a truly modern and wonderous place to enjoy social gathering, to bowl, and enjoy modern arcade games.

They created a state-of-the-art game arcade with 20 modern amusement games. No more quarters but a card that is loaded with credits to play the game with a twist. Points accumulated by playing the games can be exchanged for prizes in the prize booth. The Arcade takes the place of the lounge from the previous design. Beer and wine are still served with a great compliment of foods and snacks, soon to add pizza to their menu.  There is also an entertainment playroom for the toddlers in the rear of the building.

As the ‘half-hour’ interview with the couple turned into three hours they revealed their underlying belief that the two enterprises are integral into building a community spirit of family. Families stick together and they prioritize health and well being of the collective family. Just as the original bowling alley was an instant success, so has the return of individuals, leagues, and the schools as soon as the doors opened. First graders, through high school, the charter schools and College of the Redwoods, all have students on the lanes. The oldest returning bowler is Ms. Billie Butcher at 86! One of their more popular leagues is the Fishermen’s Wives league that meets on Thursday mornings.

Expansion plans for Tsunami Lanes will include an outdoor ax throwing area, corn hole / horseshoe area, a bocce ball court and a Tap Room, so far.

John and Cynthia have chosen Del Norte County as their ‘end of the road’ destination. As professional caregivers their interests are focused in giving care to the community the best way care is given, by the community itself. Providing a safe atmosphere for people to enjoy leisure activities in each other’s company promotes our commonality, through healthy communication. The two take great pride in the care they provide and as testament feel free to visit the lanes and see for yourself. The staff are very friendly and helpful. The facilities are clean and well maintained. You won’t be disappointed.


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