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WHAT Mattress Recycling Council’s Bye Bye Mattress Program is teaming up with the Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority for a mattress collection event at the Del Norte Transfer Station on Saturday, Sept. 15, 2018, which is also World CleanUp Day. Cotton, fiber, steel, wood and foam are among the up to 80 percent of materials in a mattress and box spring that can be recycled and turned into everyday products such as appliances, carpet padding, biomass fuel and more.


No bulky items, including furniture, appliances, hazardous materials or construction debris will be accepted.


WHERE & WHEN Saturday, September 15

Del Norte Transfer Station1700 State Street

Crescent City, CA 95531


WHO Tedd Ward, director of the Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority, is available for interview to discuss the event. Media is also invited to attend the event to capture footage and interviews.


For more information on the event and mattress recycling, visit



Established by law and operated by the non-profit Mattress Recycling Council, the Bye Bye Mattress Program uses a recycling fee collected on each mattress and box spring sold in the state. The fee is used to establish free drop-off locations and collection events throughout the state, transport the collected units from these sites to companies that dismantle the discarded products, and recycle the materials. Whether a city picks up your discarded mattress, a retailer takes it back with your new purchase, or you drop it off at a collection location, the Bye Bye Mattress Program diverts your old mattress from waste to recycling. Now, our landfills will be less crowded as old mattresses are recycled into new, useful products. Visit or call 1-855-700-9973 for more information or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.


One thought on “Bye Bye mattresses – FREE”
  1. Soooo… Recycling your mattress isn’t really free, you just pay for it up front. Then if the mattress is never sent to be recycled the State just pockets the money. Or maybe, the State counts on not all mattresses being recycled, in order to pay for any cost over runs in the program. Quite a racket.

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