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By Reform California News – June 14, 2024

California’s crime rates are skyrocketing, yet politicians are advancing a new proposal that will make the problem MUCH worse! The proposal comes as the most recent attempt by the state government to address a projected budget deficit of over $25 billion — and Democrats in the State Legislature want to slash $1 billion from the state prison budget. This could lead to several prison closures and the mass release of thousands of inmates!
Learn more in our top story this week — plus, join the fight to help Reform California in 2024!
CA Democrats Plan Mass Release of Criminals from Prison in State BudgetWATCH: CA Democrats Propose Massive Release of Criminals!Latest FBI 2022 Stats Prove Massive Crime Wave in CaliforniaWATCH: CA Says Criminals Can’t Be Asked to Do Work in Prison?!Alarming Spike in Terror Risk at Border in California
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Campaign Updates
Restore Public Safety in CA
California faces a dangerous and costly crime wave – all because of failed liberal policies that coddle-the-criminals while forcing victims and neighborhoods to pay a terrible price.

A crime wave has hit California – with our communities across the state experiencing an unprecedented spike in both retail/property crimes as well as violent crimes ranging from assault, rape, and murder.

California Democrats are responsible for the crime wave. First they downgraded crimes from felonies to misdemeanors which took important enforcement tools away from police and prosecutors. Second they released violent criminals from prisons and have waved any bail requirements – thus allowing criminals to go back onto the streets. Now they are smearing police as “racists” and threatening to put police behind bars for simply doing their jobs.

Reform California’s campaign to Restore Public Safety seeks the following:

*Fight to repeal Prop 47 and Prop 57 that have removed law enforcement tools and allowed the release of violent criminals onto our streets
*Support local and state candidates who are pro-public safety by supporting police and law enforcement
*Support Sheriff and District Attorney candidates who fully investigate and prosecute crimes
*Oppose the placement of Sexually Violent Predators into residential neighborhoods

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