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By Linda Sutter, February 3, 2016 –  At Approximately 4:05 p.m. a Cal-Ore pilot was forced to make a soft crash landing at the Crescent City airport. The new pilot was training when the landing gear would not engage. The plane made a soft crash landing in which the pilot walked away.

Mike Weaver, an employee of Cal-Ore, could not give any information regarding the incident due to the fact certain authorities that had to be called and an investigation ensued by  National Transportation Safety Board and FAA.

One thought on “Cal-Ore Plane Crashes”
  1. This little brief feels like it’s spun to make a Cal-Ore pilot look incompetent or at fault. I would absolutely reword the brief to avoid that. This also didn’t appear to me as a Cal-Ore owned plane. I’m sure there is an abundance of safety-checks and routine inspections and maintenance done on these planes.

    Some articles i see on here make me think: Oh crap, they are going to get SUED for this.

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