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By Rose Patchin – December 1, 2023

CalFresh Healthy Living Program promotes seasonal and locally grown fruits and vegetables through Farm to Preschool Harvest of the Month program. In November we were able to procure two kinds of apples that were grown right here in Smith River for taste comparison in local head starts. The apples that were compared were granny smith and golden delicious. Surprisingly most often, the children enjoyed both equally.

CalFresh Healthy Living also served over 100 participants during our Harvest of the Month

demonstrations at Pacific Pantry’s Waste Not Weekly and Pacific Mobile Pantry in Smith River and Klamath. They were able to try a delicious Savory Vegetable Quinoa recipe and Apple Celery Slaw with Nuts. Then they took home recipe cards, cookbooks, Power Up in Ten booklets, and CA Indian Traditional Drinks pamphlets from our newest educational resource series.

Harvest of the Month is a great way to encourage your child to eat more fruits and vegetables at home. Click HERE for some tips and tricks to storing, preparing, and delicious varieties of yummy root vegetables!

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