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By Californians for Taxpayer Protection & Government Accountability – April 3, 2024

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Last week, CalMatters published a commentary diving into California’s deteriorating roadways, despite paying exorbitant gas prices. 

Authored by Dan Walters, the commentary shows California gas prices are roughly $1.50 higher than the national average, primarily due to differing state policies. Californians pay the highest gas taxes in the nation. While our gas taxes are supposed to fund road and highway improvements, we are not reaping the benefits of the taxes we pay – driving on the worst roads of any state by some measures.

Californians need increased accountability and transparency for their tax dollars and our failing roads and highway infrastructure are a prime example of why the Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act is critical this November.

Read excerpts from the editorial below:

“California’s average price for regular grade gas has again topped $5 a gallon, according to the most recent American Automobile Association report. It’s more than $6 in some areas. The average is up about 20 cents from a year ago and is about $1.50 higher than the national figure.

“Severin Borenstein, a UC Berkeley economist regarded as the state’s leading expert on the issue, parsed the differential in a 2023 paper, pointing out that California’s direct and indirect taxes on fuel amount to nearly $1 per gallon – 70 cents higher than the national average in such taxes – and the state’s unique fuel blend to battle smog adds another dime.”

“Driving back into California from other states can be a jarring experience, and data from the federal Bureau of Transportation Statistics back up that observation. As of 2020, California had the fourth-worst roadway conditions of any state with just 67% of its 26,406 miles of pavement in “acceptable” condition.

“We are paying the most in gas taxes and getting almost the least in roadway quality.”

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