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By Donna Westfall – June 16, 2023

Homeowners: Have you noticed your insurance premiums continuing to go up? Do you shop around for lower rates or stay loyal to the company and agent you’ve been with for years?

In addition to 65,000 companies leaving California, now insurance companies like State Farm and Allstate have announced they will no longer insure new homeowners. Plus they have announced rate increases to current policyholders of 28% to 39.6%. Geico closed their California offices in August 2022 and is no longer selling insurance over the phone in California. They are still offering auto insurance on line only.

As Reform California puts it, ” …because home insurance companies can no longer afford to do business in the state due to skyrocketing disaster claims and the costly regulations imposed by California’s liberal politicians.”

Skyrocketing crime rates have increased the numbers of claims. With California politicians playing around with releasing convicts from prisons along weakening laws so that there’s a lot of catch and release of drug addicts and thieves breaking into homes and businesses in search of cash, prescription drugs, jewelry, electronics, guns and power tools to keep, sell or trade to feed their habit.

Keep in mind that legally, you do not have to have homeowner’s insurance if you own your home free and clear. But if you have a mortgage, your lender requires you to carry homeowner’s insurance.

One thought on “California’s Insurance Crisis: Why So Many Are Getting Dropped”
  1. If your house is on post and pier, as mine is, rather than a foundation, the only insurance company that will write a policy is Foremost. Their rates are much higher than the other insurance companies. I have lived in Crescent City since 1994 in the same house and covered by Safeco since then. But Safeco did a review of my policy and will not renew it when it expires.
    So I will be leaving Crescent City to my new house in the Harris Beach section of Brookings, The insurance for both the house and my two cars will be significantly less than I pay now plus the registration for my cars is for TWO years at close to what I pay for ONE year in California.

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