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By Roger Gitlin – EYE ON DEL NORTE – October 3, 2021

Monday Evening, October 4th at 6PM, the City Council holds its first Monday of the month meeting.

Item #9 on the CITY Agenda calls for a City discussion re: an official letter to State and Federal partners in expressing the City’s position on Covid 19 Vaccine Mandates.

I urge you to call into the ZOOM ONLY meeting and express your opposition to this egregious government overreach.

Presently. The City also is mandating ALL CITY employees be tested for the Virus and if unvaccinated, must be tested WEEKLY. You may write in your comments on Agenda item #9 and send those comments to:

City Clerk Robin Barrow Patch at this email address:

I plan to make my comments live during public comments during item 9, Monday Evening 10/4.

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