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Commentary by Samuel Strait – May 25, 2022

As reporting on the state of future electric grid short falls expected
within the continental United States for the coming summer, it should be
no surprise that California will lead the list.  While there are many
factors that have led to this insanity for the “Golden State”, one only
need look at the policies put forth by our vapid governor, Gavin Newsom
to understand just how far from the reality of transitioning to “green
energy” from carbon based and nuclear reliable sources of electricity we
have come.  Not that there haven’t been warnings that this transition
was going to be expensive, unsustainable, and painful, but experts claim
that this could never be more than a token towards any realistic
transition going forward.

Rather than looking at the “greening” of the electric grid with solar
panels and wind power, resources and funding would be much more usefully
invested on something far more reliable.  After all solar panels do not
generate anything when the sun isn’t shinning and wind mills do nothing
when the wind isn’t blowing.  Electrical use is, however;  a twenty four
hour a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year proposition,
whether or not the sun shines or the wind blows.  Yet even this very
basic fact too often escapes notice by the “green” adherents of power
production. Sorry to burst the bubble, but solar panels and wind mills
are not going to satisfy the growing demand for more electrical power,

Yet another bit of important news for Democrat voters who cling to the
idea that the “greening” of California is a path for success.  Thus far
California, excluding production of power by natural gas, has a long
ways to go before carbon neutral energy production is a viable state of
affairs.  By adding an insistence that the state’s drivers add electric
vehicles to the mix by 2030, makes electrical issues of 2022 seem
relatively mild.  Couple that with the fact that transportation of
retail goods by electricity by 2035 in a world currently dealing with
supply chain issues, will only compound electrical shortages.

In a call to all Californians, do you wish to be able to turn your air
conditioner on during the height of a warming summer or fire up your
heater in the coldest of winter’s months, then you had better speak up
before the reckless policies of the Newsom administration have you
sweating and gasping for breath during the summer months and shivering
and freezing in winter.  Greening of California policies are rapidly
taking this State down the rabbit hole of less electricity for a growing
demand.  Californians need to understand that wind mills and solar
panels blanketing the state when cloudy and still will not allow modern
appliances to continue to function.  With Newsom’s insistence of a net
zero world, having the luxury of carbon fueled electrical production in
reserve is not an option to be considered.

Fire up the old laptop, not an option except when grid happens to be on
line.  Do your wash, forget about it, back to the old wash board by the
creek.  Turn on the lights, can’t use the old candle, battery only,
whoops, no electricity to charge it.  Safe, reliable, at the touch of
your finger lighting, becomes suddenly at the mercy of who is more
important….This is the painful reality of a zero carbon world without
a reliable alternative. The “greening” of California by methods
currently being mandated by Governor Empty Suit Newsom are not the
answer.  My crystal ball forecasts blackouts and brownouts this summer
in abundance and those that voted to keep Newsom in Office deserve every
sweat filled day this summer with air conditioners impotent against the

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