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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello – former Vice Mayor/Councilman of the City of Dixon – June 16, 2016 –

I would rather not get political with this issue but in retrospect after hearing the comments and diatribes from both sides of the aisle, it will be difficult.  I found it very interesting on the death of Muhammad Ali, the leftist media stated that he had castigated Donald Trump for his statement that Muslim immigration should be halted.  Ali supposedly said, “I am Muslim and I am peaceful.”  So was Omar Mateen until he went postal.

Postal.  Do you remember that term?  It was used to describe people like the postman who felt he had been wronged, went into his postal facility, and shot up his co-workers and bosses.  This is the same illogic the barbarians at the gate are using: I, as an individual, get to “take” something from others which is not rightfully mine because I see “an injustice” being imposed on me.  Sounds to me like these infantile imbeciles didn’t get their asses kicked hard enough or enough times growing up to understand right from wrong.

Just because you “believe” something doesn’t give you any right to deprive others of their lives, liberty, or personal freedom.  Do we all get to degenerate to the point that the strongest person gets to impose his will on the rest of us, either personally or through his army of troglodytes?

Let’s see how smart you are.  We have two different and disparate sets of ideals being presented during this election cycle.  Much of it is a continuation of the brain washing imposed on us over the last 40 to 50 years.  You get to figure out who said what and what the final goal really is.

One side wants to make the American people ripe for slaughter after convincing us that we should be defenseless unarmed sheep.  We need to allow into our country hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of the very people who are ticking jihadist time bombs and at any time can become a murdering radical.  We are supposed to welcome them with open arms because most are peaceful.  Most?

This same side purportedly doesn’t believe in racism but bases all of their arguments on race with some sexism thrown in for good measure.  Muslims believe in slavery and still practice it.  Human rights are only the rights given by government and forced upon others with differing beliefs according to these practitioners of lemming lunacy.

Interestingly enough, I was lucky enough to catch commentary from a young lady who lived in Saudi Arabia as a 14 year old.  She said Saudi men were free to grope her because she was white.  Filipinos or Pakistanis would be beaten or fined.  If she was raped by a Saudi man, again nothing would happen except perhaps her own death.  Members of the latter mentioned group would face castration or death.  Nope, America is the only country where there is racism.  Sure it is.

Economics is not free market capitalism, which by the way is not close to what America normally experiences due to the meddling of bureaucrats on both sides, but needs to be measured by the “fairness” doctrine which is pinned to personal accomplishment and accumulation of goods.  We all need to have equal amounts of money, goods, and free time despite the fact that only the few innovate and expand the realm of the possible.

This political group believes man is a plague on this planet, and should be reduced in numbers.  This plays right into tolerance for those achieving their goals for them.  I believe the quote is “you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette” and it applies in this instance as well as to Benito’s nationalization and socialism of Italy during his rise to power.  Rather than find scientific or ingenious solutions to problems, they would rather constrain the rest of us to some monolithic cave dwelling population.

So now let’s take a look at the other imperfect side of the spectrum.  We hear that immigration must be controlled for our country’s economic and social survival.  Certain groups must be excluded unless thoroughly examined and illegal immigration from Mexico must be halted.  Again, sanctuary cities have cost our citizens their lives and the most recent event shows evidence that until the Islamic religion goes through a “reform”, it should be entirely banned in the US including mosques.

This brings me to an interesting point.  George Guynn of the Solano County Taxpayers is a huge supporter of the demented writing of Thomas J. DiLorenzo in The Real Lincoln and Lincoln Unmasked, wherein DiLorenzo claims that Lincoln was a white supremacist.  One of Lincoln’s supposed faults was his suspension of habeus corpus (you may have the body) whereby a person could challenge in court his detention by authorities.

While the President does not have the constitutional authority to suspend habeus corpus, the Congress does.  As Congress was not in session at the time Lincoln acted and faced difficulty in being called into session due to military operations and opposition from the Confederacy, Lincoln acted as the commander in chief he was and then went before Congress to get his move validated.  Congress formerly suspended the law and Lincoln signed the suspension into law.

The point is that war, recognized as such, pushes the wise to act wisely to address the situation at hand.  Ignoring the horde at the gate or by a president who is one of the enemy through his deeds and actions, is to bring on the destruction of our country.  There is no hatred or bigotry in the statements from this side of the aisle.  Calling a spade a petunia won’t help you if your head is being lopped off by the spade.

Addressing economics, it is as simple as understanding the problem and responding to it.  It has little to do with making America great again and much more to do with unfettering business and manufacturing from regulation which is unnecessary and stifling.  The facts are there are 95 million Americans out of the labor force and not even attempting to find a job while manufacturing jobs and heavy industry have left our country.

Maybe you don’t think that is a problem because you are just sitting at home waiting for your monthly welfare check to come in, much like they did in Mother Russia.  I would suggest to you that sooner rather than later the house of cards is going to collapse and those funding your premature retirement will end up like the goose who laid the golden eggs.

Finally, this side of the aisle looks at a man or woman according to their proven worth or potential.  In an obvious retaliation to the equality the other side supposedly seeks, those in this party or political spectrum are ridiculed as traitors to their race or worse.  If you can read or listen to the radio, there is daily ongoing proof to this statement.

It would seem to me that the choice between the two candidates for president is obvious.  However, sheep enjoy being tended and are easily confused.  A smile crept onto my face as I read the naivete in the other local paper spouting off that Bernie Sanders was somehow a noble figure because he is an honest communist.  Bernie, Benito, Adolph, Pol-Pot, Stalin, Marx, Lenin and others are all honest when they were in positions of power.

In much the same way as they performed during the primary season, the media is attempting to control the outcome of the November election.  Their complicity with the Left, in this case Hillary, is extremely obvious.  Just logon to your Yahoo email account and look at the stories they post.

Hillary is ahead of Trump by 10% so you might as well stay at home and not vote.  Seems they did something similar when Bernie got to close to Hillary in California.  News story after story denigrates Trump on his statements and positions whereas there is total silence on the corrupt candidate Hillary.

Only the truly foolish among us will ignore what is occurring in our country.  I think of a current councilman whose young daughter attended his coronation in the youthful attire of her generation.  It could be any of our daughters who become the targets for these Islamic neanderthals.  They have declared war on us but because of our Muslim in chief president, our country has not responded primarily because the Left has so successfully immobilized us through fear of being called bigot, racist, or homophobe and because there are few true conservatives in the Legislature.

Where have all the thinkers of my generation gone and why do they remain silent?  And just how stupid are we?  November approaches.  We will soon know …

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  1. Thanks for publishing the Ceremello article Donna… it would have never seen the light of day in the Triplicate. I enjoyed it.
    Dale L.Bohling

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