Thu. May 23rd, 2024


Exposure to toxic pesticides half a century ago can continue to cause horrific physiological conditions. I remember hearing DDT was banned because the shells from eggs became so fragile they would crack laid.  Times have changed and the disappearance of bees and other pollinators from the eco system seems to bring verbal concern from the public and no signs of any intensions of removing Round Up (Monsanto’s product) from the market by manufacturers.  The Triplicate reported on the spraying with this toxic herbicide on the children’s organic gardens. (“Spraying ruins plants at school,” April 21, 2013 by Jessica Cejar) 

We know the land developed by Jim Barnts behind Wal Mart was “cleared” of foliage years prior to development from the environmental report.  They report, “no endangered plants or species are being damaged because the land has been kept clear and ……..”

We now know that glyphosate is not biodegradable or safe as Monsanto once promised and it has an accumulative effect.


Does anybody know if an initiative can be passed to ban all Monsanto products or at least Round-Up from being used in the county.?

I gave the City Council a copy of their Toxic Disclosure document that said “….the city or county was NOT able to say where toxins are located for the safety of Crescent City. or Del Norte County fire fighters, police, health officials and the public”. I asked if this were an error.  The word NOT negates the entire disclosure document.

Councilwoman Kelly Schellong asked for a copy and that was the last I heard about it.

The last thing the developers want is to be accountable for their abuse of toxins.  This is an election year and maybe we could use this potentially  profitable time (FOR SOME) to get candidates to sponsor an initiative to have toxic geographical areas exposed, and make it a crime to sell any substance that has the potential to exterminate a species to the point of extinction or cause irreversible, lethal brain damage to our loved ones, making them incapable of caring for any of their basic needs and requiring a loved one to provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week total care until their demise.

This brings up the question, “Do corporations have the right to resist or even challenge restraints placed on their products due to loss of profits?”

When compared to the side effects of loss of species and human life I think corporations are liable for the financial damages their product have caused; and continue to cause.


“Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.”Albert Einstein



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