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By Donna Westfall – November 1, 2016 –

marijuana plantsLaws in Canada have been very similar to laws in the United States regarding marijuana.  The Federal government puts a kibosh on marijuana but the States do what they want and many have legalized medical use of marijuana where almost anyone can pay a fee and get a license.  It’s been a quandary though resulting in arrests, imprisonment and confiscation of plants and materials.

Canada was the first nation to legalize medical use of marijuana in 2001. Now, the current Canadian Government has officially recommended legalization and regulation of marijuana for recreational use.  There is legislation being drafted that will allow marijuana to be sold in a similar way to alcohol and expected to start sometime in 2017.

According to Marijuanamedica.com, “Canada is set to legalize cannabis next year – sparking a multi-billion dollar industry that will overtake alcohol sales, a new study suggests. The decision could kick-start the economy and eclipse the combined sales of beer, wine and spirits, according to the report from consulting firm Deloitte.”



One thought on “Canada set to legalize marijuana in 2017?”
  1. That’s funny.

    It’s funny because of the following story published just a few weeks ago:

    “A high-ranking Canadian official last week slammed the “ludicrous” decision of U.S. border agents to permanently deny entry to a Canadian man who admitted to using marijuana years before he attempted to visit the U.S.

    The CBC reported that Matthew Harvey, a Canadian medical marijuana cardholder, was permanently banned from the U.S. in 2014 after telling customs agents that he had smoked marijuana recreationally before obtaining his medical card. Harvey was not carrying any marijuana at the time of his detainment at the border.”

    Canadian official slams marijuana policy on U.S. border as ‘ludicrous’

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