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Opinion Piece reprinted with permission from David Green, Rocky Ridge Drinking Water originally published in Peterborough Examiner– August 27, 2019 –

Since Aug. 19, the news media in the U.S. and abroad has been abuzz with coverage of the release of research in JAMA Pediatrics suggesting Canadian boys born to mothers with common levels of fluoride exposure during their pregnancy showed a lowering of their IQ by up to 4-5 points. Stories have appeared in Reuters, Washington Post, CNN, Time and many others. In Canada, CTV has offered the most thorough coverage. The Globe has also offered cautious reporting of the story, although they followed with a blatantly biased opinion piece by a long time pro-fluoridation journalist with, so far, no opposing view offered.

Where is the CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation) ? Asleep at the switch? No, our publicly funded national news source has a history of biased coverage of the fluoridation debate. When the first human study showing possible harm from gestational fluoride exposure was published almost two years ago, by a team that included Canadian researchers, the CBC failed to notify the public.

When Parry Sound voted to end fluoridation in 2018, the CBC didn’t mention anything, instead running a story entitled “Canadian cities rethink removal of fluoride from tap water” and offering extensive coverage of the push to return fluoridation to Windsor’s water.

Now, the CBC thinks that Canadians don’t need to know about a study of Canadians by Canadian researchers that has been published by the premier pediatric medical journal in the U.S.

A billion tax dollars a year, enabling an average salary of a hundred thousand, should buy us balanced journalism, the kind that explores both sides of an issue equally and in depth, and lets the readers, or listeners, make their own judgements. That is what the CBC often provides. Fluoridation gets special status. Why?

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