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By Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – June 24, 2022

This week legislators advanced three radical COVID bills. They just can’t let go.

The measures on school testing, vaccine registries, and social media censorship each passed a committee. A fourth, the medical “misinformation” bill, awaits a Senate hearing. And a fifth, the anti-parent consent bill, is eligible for a vote by the full Assembly.

While this is discouraging, the heaviest lifting is behind us: we killed the employer mandate, the bill to defund police for not enforcing masks, and the student vaccine mandate. We also got Newsom to back off his own K-12 mandate.

I believe we can still stop the remaining bills. In fact, the anti-parental consent measure is on its last legs. You can follow the status of each bill here and can watch my questioning of two of the authors, Senators Pan and Weiner, here.

Elsewhere, insanity is reaching new depths. Bureaucrats are talking about banning lawns; LA wants to ban gas stations; and legislation to give prisoners a $15/hour minimum wage while behind bars came one vote away from passing.

But in good news, my legislation to repeal the Top 2 Primary is getting considerable support; the Supermajority’s sham “committee” on gas prices completely flopped; and our campaign received the coveted “Young Gun” status as one of the most promising in the country.

This is an exciting and consequential time. Thank you for being in the fight.

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