Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

By Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – April 20, 2022

Yesterday, thousands of citizens came to the Capitol to make their voices heard. Our corrupt politicians didn’t like it.

One Committee Chair had a total meltdown, cursing out the entire room for having the audacity to participate in their government. I had to see the video to believe it. Another chair cut off public testimony after an hour and forbid the use of “adjectives.” 

There’s a reason for these antics: we’re winning. The radical Vaccine Work Group bills are going down in flames.

It appears we’ve defeated SB 1464, the absurd attempt to make police enforce “public health” orders. The student and employer mandates are also dead. A fourth bill has been thwarted by a court decision, and two others haven’t even been heard.

That leaves the testing bill and AB 2098, which just passed a committee. Despite recent amendments, it’s a brazen violation of free speech, punishing doctors for statements deemed “misinformation.” Still, I’ve said we can defeat each of these bills, and I believe we’re well on our way.

There is some very bad news. One of the worst bills ever, AB 2223, passed a committee – but the fight is only beginning. Also, my bill repealing the Sanctuary State didn’t pass. I have a Fox News op-ed today about how this disastrous law enabled recent tragedies.

In a year where we’re poised to take back our government, yesterday was a tangible demonstration. At the same time, we just learned our campaign is one of the top 3 in grassroots support in the entire country. 

Help our movement lead the nation

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