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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – September 27, 2021

In the days following his win against “oppression, and racism”, also
known as the Recall Election, our illustrious “empty suit” Gavin Newsom
has been hard at work correcting all of California’s endless list of
failures since he entered office.  Thanks once again to all Californians
who voted “No” in the recent Recall Election instead of voting to oust
our continuing disaster of a governor.  It has been nearly two weeks
since the opportunity that Californians had  to correct its path to more
sensible leadership, instead they whiffed big time.  During those couple
of weeks have we any indication what so ever that Newsom learned any
thing from his bout with the public?  Has he made any strides towards
lessening the tax burden on the state’s citizens, corrected increasing
homelessness, made an effort to reduce the price of gasoline, or maybe
inflation in general, solved the Pandemic, ended population flight, or
maybe reduced the burden on small and medium sized businesses, solved
water shortages, or maybe he has a solution for lack of sufficient power
for the state, wild fires maybe, or even a token effort to improve
public indoctrination?

One wonders just how much pain Californians are willing to endure before
they make an effort to end Newsom’s train wreck.  The answer to all of
the above is nothing, nada, not a chance.  To his credit he did throw
more money at the wildfire problem, which is more likely to go to some
environmental cause instead of forest management.  At least
environmentalists, woman’s rights, immigrant rights and the minimum wage
have nothing to fear.  Notice something missing here, like attention to
all of the pressing problems California currently labors under.  Thanks
a lot Governor “hair gel”, when do the rest of us get a break.  Oops,
looks like somebody got lucky.

Governor “empty suit” recently signed into law AB 1096 which removes the
frightfully offensive term “alien” from all California Code.  How
productive, he and the Assembly have become.  He likely is following in
the footsteps of another cognitively challenged individual in a
leadership role, Joseph Biden.  We now must refer to illegals as
“noncitizen”  as a matter of California Law. Congratulations once again
to all that voted “No” in the recent Recall because they chose the
letter “D” as opposed to eliminating incompetence and corruption. 
According to “hair gel”, this is important legislation which ensure
California’s laws reflect our “state values”.  Looks like illegal
activity is now the definition of “state values”.

What a wonderful “present” to all Californians, particularly the
estimated two plus million illegals living within the borders of the
“golden state”.  No longer can they be thought of in “racist” terms and
the boost in moral for those illegal aliens must send a shiver up every
spine in California.  One further issue that Governor “empty suit” seems
to think is far more important than the people that actually are real
citizens.  Perhaps he may wish to “pardon” them of the crime of
illegally entering themselves into the Country and granting them
California citizenship so they might just vote for him in the next
election.   Such a precious example of establishing the State’s
important to do list, likely right up there with a little congratulatory
party for all his well heeled friends at an appropriate setting like the
French Laundry in Napa Valley.  And don’t forget it will be a maskless,
friendly sort of gathering, he’s the “Governor” after all.

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