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By Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – September 9, 2022

Our Champions for Kids directory is now live. It features pro-parent, pro-student candidates running for school boards throughout California that I have endorsed.

You can search by school district or zip code to find candidates in your area. There are 75 endorsed candidates so far and we still have 100 requests to review. I’ll continue to update the directory through November.

During the COVID era, we’ve seen what a difference school boards can make. Some districts kept their schools shut down as long as possible; they kept their students masked and subjected to all manner of cruelty.

Other districts listened to parents and fought for kids. For example, in 2020 I was proud to support exceptional candidates who won seats on the Roseville and Rocklin school boards. These districts then led the state in opening schools and ending mask mandates.

This year, the rights of parents are on the ballot like never before. And our opponents know what a potent political force the voice of parents has become. That’s why they’re trying to silence them however they can.

The Biden Justice Department infamously labeled parents “domestic terrorists.” The Legislature passed a bill making it easier to remove parents from school board meetings. And we just learned the California teachers union did opposition research on the leaders of parent groups.

Please support these outstanding candidates for school board. If I’m elected to Congress, I’ll fight Biden’s anti-parent agenda and use my platform to help put all California school districts in the hands of parent advocates.

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