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Opinion and Commentary By Donna Westfall – January 21, 2024

Usually delicious pertains to foods. Great desserts, fantastic stews, savory fish dishes, etc.

In this context, delicious will pertain to goings on in our city, county and country that tickle my fancy.

  1. Trump winning the Iowa caucus by 51%. Vivek Ramaswamy drops out of the race.

Ron DeSantis drops out and both endorse Trump. That leaves Nikki Haley.

2.Trump promising to “drill, baby, drill” should he be restored to the White House. Remember on Day 1 of Biden’s presidency he shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline and eliminated 11,000 American jobs? That was the start of our energy dependence. Trump will make us energy independent again.

3. Hertz selling 20,000 EV’s because of higher repair and maintenance costs, and purchasing more gas powered auto’s.

4. Wish this was true, but it’s not: Whoppi Goldberg being replaced on THE VIEW by Candace Owens. Oh well. Maybe Whoppi will leave the country should Trump regain the Presidency.

5. Georgia DA Fanni Willis involved in an inappropriate relationship with a guy she hired. She’s been consumed with proving former President Trump guilty of election interference and lo and behold, she’s spending taxpayers money like there’s no end in sight on her trips with her lover/employee and his salary.

6. LA Times started December 4, 1881. They recently announced the layoff of 20% of the newsroom due to heavy losses ($30-$40 million/year). Readership and subscriptions are down along with advertising. Much of that due to the Covid pandemic. The question is this, will they be able to recover?

7. Trump wins the New Hampshire primary with highest share of the vote ever at 54.3%.

NOT Delicious or delectable. Something Distasteful:

“The US is funding it’s own collapse” per Anthony and Josh Rubin, two brothers that are independent journalists and spent a month on the trail with illegal aliens. You can watch the 20 minute video at this:

One thought on “Changes Upon Us”
  1. In and Out Burger has only been in Oakland for about 10 years, 75 years ago they were just a small chain mainly in the San Gabriel Valley.

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