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By Guest Columnist, Michael Ceremello – October 2, 2019

No, we aren’t going to talk about the local level lunatics today.  We have playing out in front of us the lemmings’ on the Left imitation of the old folk tale about the world coming to an end because they got hit in the head by a falling acorn.  Emotion once again supersedes logic.

I find it truly amazing that the Trump haters can’t reason, read, or acknowledge any interpretation of the facts which do not fit their needed narrative of destruction.  Considering their views are 180 degrees opposite to that of Trump’s base, the truth is that only one side can be correct.  Luckily there are those out there who can still think and base their dialogue not on who they support but on the facts.

I like to rapidly cut through the morass of misinterpretations and go on to evaluate the implications of decisions and actions while examining the unthought-of reasons behind the why.  There are those who feel Nancy Pelosi has given in to the radicals within her party such as the “squabs” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Talib, and Ilhan Omar.

Trump has personally painted the Democrat Party as theirs.  Once all the facts are known Pelosi can now blame the error of pursuing impeachment squarely on their shoulders by claiming that she never supported it in the first place.  This will be a weak argument on her part but better than nothing to retain some semblance of dignity and power.

As for the accusations against Joe Biden and his son, this plays directly into the Left’s desire to remove Biden from contention for the nomination for president by the Democrat party.  Elizabeth Warren has now moved closer to an impending landslide loss by becoming the front runner on a destructive regressive agenda which only the blind or mentally retarded refuse to admit is anti-American, anti-constitutional, and confiscatory theft.

Once again the purely Democrat supporting media has shown their stripes and exposed themselves as liars, spin doctors, and useful idiots in attempting to misinterpret the facts by taking leaps of faith in drawing conclusions based on their desires rather than reality.  Much as in the Mueller report when they didn’t get the findings they wanted, the media grasped at straws such as “no exoneration” and the “possibility” of obstruction of justice.

The only real way to wade through all of this is to look at the facts.  However, when the facts don’t back up the bias, the media and their political hench folks attempt to discredit those providing those facts.  Why do you think they tell you that the transcript doesn’t contain everything that was said or that Trump has covered up things before?  Exactly how many governmental agencies listened in on these conversations, yet not one of them dispute the transcript?

Then they get mad when Trump calls them “fake news”?  Ask Joseph McGuire about the Washington Post story about his resignation then tell me it isn’t fake news or at least slanted and biased news 100% of the time.

You have Adam Schiff on the House Intelligence committee, (boy is that ever an oxymoronic name), supposedly parodying Trump’s telephone conversation.  The same media which to this day continues to claim “Russian interference in the 2016 election” in order to help Trump get elected when it was just the opposite, plays Schiff’s dialogue with  less explanation than Orson Well’s War of the Worlds Halloween night radio show as if it is fact.

I listen to Mark Levin, who is an attorney, and Sean Hannity who has attorneys on his show, as they both describe the fallacies of those who attack the transcript of a benign conversation between the presidents of the US and the Ukraine.  I easily get bored listening to the necessary and expected repetition of the truth so I turn to the Bay Area’s liberal outlet, KGO, to listen to Chip Franklin and his callers.  When Franklin is taken to task by a caller, he does what liberals always do when losing an argument: he changes the subject.

How exactly does “white privilege” even enter the conversation?  How does Franklin know anything about the caller’s personal background?  Franklin contends he hates Trump for the egregious things he has done to the downtrodden during his term.  Like what?  Providing job opportunities, getting people off of government programs such as food stamps, and giving people pride and sense of accomplishment while restoring freedoms taken away by those who support centralized government controlling every aspect of our lives?

Once again what is purposely lost on the Left and their blind supporters is that what they accuse the Right of, is what they have done themselves.  Joe Biden is heard on tape, and now I hear there is a video, admitting he got the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating his son fired by threatening to withhold one billion dollars while he was vice president.  The action is fact and done within hours of his threat.

In another example of spin, Chip Franklin stated the prosecutor was corrupt or incompetent and that is why he was fired.  Franklin also took the party line that Trump asking for a Ukrainian investigation into Ukrainian corruption including criminal involvement by an elected official is simply based on destroying his political opponent in the upcoming election.  Biden isn’t the nominee and won’t be.  Will that change Franklin’s views as to whether Biden should be investigated any more than Hillary Clinton’s destruction of subpoenaed evidence?

Since when does a person get immunity within our legal system from breaking laws simply because he or she is a candidate?  Well the precedent was established with Hillary.  The blatant difference between Biden and Trump is Biden made aid to the Ukraine contingent on firing the prosecutor.  Trump had a month earlier held back aid based on less than adequate funding coming from our allies.  There was no contingency in Trump’s statements or actions.

Then we have the contemporaneous attack on our basic judicial right of being able to face our accuser.  Once a person decides to go public with a complaint, they don’t get to hide.  Local governments which rely on neighbor’s complaints for code enforcement attempt to circumvent that right but if it goes to a hearing or court, the accusers must be identified.

However, this is precisely what the Dems are attempting.  Why?  It protects the credibility of witnesses with no credibility.  It allows those on the Left to continue “witch hunts” where the only Wiccans present are in the Left’s mentally deranged minds.

Don’t believe what I just said?  How many times now have members on the Left come forward with accusations just to be proven wrong or outright lies attempting to convince the rest of us “clinging to our Bibles and guns” that the world will end unless we follow their illogical conclusions and advice?  The Steele dossier, the Kavanaugh hearings, etc. only show the Left’s guilt and subversion of the law while attempting to convince the rest of us we are the problem.

This all goes to prove the “coup” attempt is still alive and well within the House of Representatives.  Having feckless at best Republican RINO’s such as Chuck Grassley in the Senate and outright phonies such as Mitt Romney, our country is doomed as we have created the aristocracy of the Swamp who will decide the public can not determine through the electoral college who our President will be.

The Legislature and the Judicial Branch are supposed to be a “check” on the Executive Branch.  Tyranny can be defined as the lack of reasoning being applied by elected officials supplanted by emotional decision making.  We are descending toward “mob rule” or the tyranny of the majority.  There are well thought out reasons we don’t have a popular vote for the Presidency and why Senators were to be selected by State legislatures instead of the people.

Decision based on emotion?  Look no further than your own backyard.  That will be discussed next week.

3 thoughts on “Chicken Little”
  1. My prediction: The GOP is soon going to distance themselves from Trump. They are going to try and get off of this sinking ship while they still have a chance. They can then play the, “We got rid of Trump because he did not represent Republican values” card to try and save face a bit.

    I voted for Trump in 2016. While I don’t 100% regret my vote, I am not blind to his poor choices. He is not a good Republican or a good face of the United States. I think it is in the party’s best interest to push for another candidate in 2020.

    1. First of all, what other candidate from the Republican party are you going to suggest to run against Trump? Secondly, would you prefer one of the current front runners offered by the Democratic party? And finally be specific, what has Trump done from a purely policy stand point that you would disagree with that your path would better our situation for the citizenry of this Country? Please, refer to actual choices he has made and not what you have heard from second or third hand sources of choices he supposedly made. Sorry to run on but what exactly are the “Republican Values” that he doesn’t faithfully represent? Just curious.

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